Before start, we look confused…


After 120 we look happy … And tired … And full of emotions …

  Carbofuel with our support team looks calm and easy … But in fact missing one and quite anxious…

And the end we look happy…

There are no words for this 24 hours, but I still must write before the blues hit, if so. A day, where I planned to remember every second every touch every essence. Special. 

Hugs. Suffer. Pain. Easyness. Hard. Fvcking unbelievable hard. Stopping. For a moment. To keep the moment. Morning lights, late night headlamp. There was this run once upon a time, no photos to look back, but I remember every second. Forever. Trueness of emotions. Facing some and living some more. This is not a diary of the day yet, just a smile I keep on my face and other I hope. This is a complex experience with the most enormous details to remember from not in specific order: rolling out of the car, running 4:40 alone listening to hiperkarma and co on loop, talking, taking the time, the popcorn seller at Lelle, the talking of the past and present and the future to avoid, the neverending road at Siofok, the help issue, the sleep, the coffee, the touch the feel rhe support, the run, the fixie, the fun, the low times which never happened, the bon appetite and no appetite, the same way to thinking and non thinking. Perfectly different a day to spend and share.

Ultra is way and a word completely responds to the moment of a full day.

In short ultraemotions for and ultraspecial day to keep the smile on.

Some things cannot be forgotten.

Soon memo of the race to come.

Now it is all warm hearted happiness and total tiredness and a will to continue.

Thank you.


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