The one



One big lap

The one and only of a kind


The day finally arrived, not sure I was ready in mind, nor my legs were strong enough to brave the unknown, but dared to start. Slept no good, nor long the night before after an ok pastaparty with some friends and sips of beer, preferred not to drink, followed by a dinner with some pizza and greek salad and a glass of wine, could not notdrink, so much for the discipline. 

But than the next day started something so beautiful and so awesome hard and so easygoing at the same time, pretty much sums up a dream come true kinda experience receiving so much through suffer felt no suffer. I don’t think and plan to redo the running that much but somehow I want to. Feel it, live it, love it, the been there done that experience. For not one moment I felt anything in terms of racing, in fact when I ran alone I almost stopped for a moment I was so occupied with the thought I could never ever imagine when analysing myself – not that it happen too often, like 22 hrs daily – that I actually don’t run to finish and feel the accomplish but to enjoy the run itself. Every step I take. 

However I preferred the company to keep me busy. Not. Preferred the company for the company itself, long hours never experienced before, the calmness. Long runs, long streets, long conversations, ones that not only kept me occupied but also made me even more interested. 

Receieved and hopefully gave a lot. 

Started 6:30. The first leg went by so fast, so easy so calm, so fine. Was even sorry to stop, to finetune even more to keep on going not to miss any second of the day. Misi came and went and he had his three hours of fame on concrete too, switching like this for 21 hours, 5 times, sounds pretty ok, pretty natural. And in fact it was.

The running part went as a running, we ran on flat, up and down some hills. Snapshots to myself. Between runs the awaiting happened with the hope to meet running soon again,  while getting a painful massage restarting with the tired legs and although dream come true day my mind was not dreaming and in fact it was really happening. For moments I wished to experience the real ultra drama the loosing of the brain and concsiousness to live and share through that as well, but it did not come, and so it was nice anyways like that. I probably had my biggest meltdown when running on a motorway with no shade from the sun, possibly over 30 degrees, alone, but that was also a moment I trained my mind to be alone and also the time to realize how running is an awesome thing. Speeded up to finish earlier, the sun really hit me, was thirsty and fully dehydrated, I prayed for a refreshment stand, but there was none. In fact I was almost totally alone, only cars passing, and occasionally I passed some runners. I felt ok brainwise, was still calm, but my body started to signal; dizziness, and when the sunny flat road was finally over I had to run up to the hill. Possibly the hardest part of the race in 32 k, alone but not lonely. 

Switching back to restmode after, it was once again Misi’s turn, and the sun was still up and shining I laid down and heatedly waited on the reunion.

When my third turn begun new company joined in, it was accidental, and brain had to deal with. Was too nervous and worried and I wished I could stay and this time I could give some, give some bite back from what I reveived throughout the day. 

Third run turned some emotional tears starting to drop, although real cry came at around half point, from the beginning I was a bit down from worrying. Halfway of the leg I heard a big bang, but fortunately did not see the actual scene from a tree. Two steps later and about 50 meters from us a carcrash happened, and my heartrate immediately picked up tempo. If I was an HR zone expert I could probably show and explain through a diagram. I started telling my biker company  that I probably should keep running no matter what happened. But I could not force myself not to be myself, especially when I heard a child’s cry. I ran to the scene right on time the kid, his dad and mom got out of the car. No blood occured, and this calmed me down a bit. Told the dad to give the kid while he helps his wife, and I tried to calm the lady in tears too, while giving my bottle of water to them, it was a good thing that hello kitty was printed on it. The child started to calm down a bit, I also gave a gummi bear, which indeed was a powerstuff with much coffein but at least it looked a sweet treat to the kiddo. I immediately started to clean up the mess ordering some pass byers to call for police and the family to come off the road not to get hit by another car at least. Dad was really thankful, he looked at me with teary eyes thanking for my help, when he suddenly saw my bib, and asked whether I was racing, I said yes, and he started to get overly emotional, just as I so I asked whether they needed anything more, than I ran off. Ran so hard, but still could not hold back my tears. I had to get my breathing back to normal but I could not for another 2-3 kms. 

Not that I could hold back emotional rise at all, nor that I wanted. Living through every second – motto of the day – I was glad and probably the happiest out on the road. 

Late night run on a straight and flat concrete, seemed neverending and wished the world would stop there not to let it ever end. Tiredness took over, but still, was happy as one can be.

I feel that rundorphins soon will leave my body to welcome emptiness into the system, but the time spent there together are not based on endorphins only, and these must stay.

Memories. Beautiful mind snapshots. This should keep me going. 

New challenge is set new training plan to push further, faster, perhaps together.

This race was a well if not one of the best weekends spent, when joy overrides the pain and used body of running 110+ kms. When running was part of a big happy party, a celebration itself. There are no words to explain my happiness to do this, the way it had been done. 

Twentyone hours that is 1260 minutes, in seconds: 75.600. The more the merrier and that is all that mattered. Accomplished with no regret only wide and even wider smile.


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