Going social

Make friends, not war kinda way how running crews gather up, collecting people into a big massa, while the main reason as a starter is running. Appetite to begin with sorta, makes workout easier, if life cannot be changed anyways. For what else would someone wake up 5am or perhaps earlier for something other than the joy of different reasons – explanations. Running for one thing, but if in groups the better, there is the must feeling; if others can do it, I surely must, also motivational one, for the same reason, and time just passes by with people around and among. Purposefully said time passes by and not spent, as sneaked in running hours to an already busy life schedule permits no more than a quicky, a blink to meet others for a specific time period, than life goes on. With work and other modern world must do things of the day.

But than again, some make it more than running buddies, some actually meet on civil clothes circumstances, spend time together, and become friends or something like that. 

Our running crew is special. Probably for the fact that it is ours, although I know there are other crews abroad and possibly here too who think the same. Little or bigger families with same interest. But ours is the one. I always have a melted heart thinking about them as a group, individually I might have personal opinions, but as a whole we are so united. I might would not talk to someone in real life if didn’t know from running, but in such a rundorphins based case I love each and every one of us. Less or more though, but it is still a strong bond.

Shockingly or not, there are gossips and bullying along the group, I guess this makes it a real family. I knew I make people talk behind my back, obvious fact, I’m the character creating vibe, and that must be dealt with others, I can live with the fact. But when I hear that girls breaking up friendships and fight with each other my heart breaks, and I start to feel insecure. I don’t really mind if I cause some issues and raised questions among our group, because I believe we are responsible for our own actions, and I try to base my every movement on being kind and nice to people therefore I even though sometimes regret some things, I usually stand up for my own activity, even when I don’t always know details of the gossip spread, only the results, just like last night. Sidestory only, this involves me into the story, and I’m not in the mood to deal with myself right now. All the more, because the issue of the girls really cut a slice in my heart.

There are the four of them, previous running together never met. They share of course the love towards running, and community of ours made it even bigger of a love. But they are not only common in that, they also have other things to share through talking and getting together off running. Love of healthy food, the sunrise, the sunset, perhaps their specific part of their lives of now, guys, problems, and some good wine. Got so good friends, that running seemed only a side part, although still loving it. Teamed up into a ten participants group for Ultrabalaton where we ran with Misi as a 2 member team, they were preparing for it as the day of the year, just as us perhaps. I was proud though it wasn’t my achievment to look at them spending the 24hrs together, real girl spirit powerwomen kinda way, as they call themselves women with vision. And than something happened there, though I don’t know details, all I know that a week passed by and they are not talking anymore, they have wounds and bad feelings about the race. I seriously hate how four independent strong women, even stronger as a four just stop being friends anymore. I wish I could grab them and tie them up with the most precise knot until they could honestly hug each other once again. Talk it through, sit down with a shared bottle of wine this time and say out loud all the grievances in order to get over with the hurt. We are a family, issues are common, but those are there to solve it, and perhaps make the bond even more secure after solving the problems.

It is hard for me to see such a great group of inspiring women split up for not a big deal, even though it is a big deal. As there had been strong emotions to actually bring out problems, there must be a way to turn everything back – drink this baby it’s atomic soda it’ll blow your mind back how it was. Wish it was so easy like that. But as they had the power to inspire and build each other up I hope they will have the power to cry this out together to once again smile together. Girls!

And our running crew just as the show must go on!

As about me; I’ve been dancing in the office since the morning, with my earphones put into, not to bother any colleagues with my mood. Mood swings again, I can’t deal with anymore. 

🎧. Quartz Bloom Starskey remix


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