Cheer dem

Wish I stopped for a minute, or at least a brief longer second than just start jumping around and giving the high five …. Wish I realized the moment, which in fact I did, but went on, since it was a race, although not my race, even though I attended the race, but in fact I wasn’t racing. I wish there was a photo taken of our one second overjoy! 

Taking it calm and easy, not giving my 100%, not running my ass off. Than I heard a nice and laid back go Bori; coming from the possible future coach, and I had to increase speed a bit, it was and acknowledgement, he recognized me in the crowd and this made me a bit proud. And than something even more powrrful happened. Men standing by. But as soon as I passed these fine ones, I started speeding, sub 4 minutes my sonofabeeatch, I did have the power I kept back.

Cheer zone of 4-5 guys, the Nike coach, the high five king of Berlin – he did mess up his first ever marathon just not to miss any cheering little kids’ hands, so emotionally beautiful, and approved, who cared about time when the feeling of being there just gives so much more power -, the one only thinks in PBs and only talks to the one actually ran a decent chrono, and some more I could not even recognize, because I was running. Experience on a Budapest based race, which only had been experienced in Berlin and Nagoya, but missed even in New York, was too occupied being cold. Cheer zone, with so much screaming so much cheering, so much feeling hero, so much …

It wasn’t my race, nor I ran for any goal, I just happened to be there, with no perceptions just to run and enjoy. And finish as soon as possible, I had no time, I was in a hurry, coming from the hospital trying to act normal to see Marilyn trying to act calm and careless, but we both were nervous, still waiting on some results, and also rushing to some family affairs after, not to fire up the already heated scene even more. But I needed this run, and the cheer zone made it even more obvious, I NEEDED THIS RUN.

I needed this run to once again feel ok about myself. I needed this run to be even more sure how much these people mean to me. I needed this run, because I felt home away from home. And I needed this run in order to thank them for being there and being there for me. I’m here for you too. And thank you. 


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