Psyche And running


Other than the pure joy to sweat to speed to get tired for the high, what is the reason so many of us get out there and run.

This time not alone. In fact, preferably never alone. Further focus we go run as friends. Fhrieeendz? Really? I mean like real friends? Or what exactly.

Run alone, later run in groups or alone. Going to races alone, going to races with running mates later going to races alone or with mates to meet running mates, even later going to races early enough to meet and greet all the buddies got to know through running, social event. Going to races either to run or cheer, because there are so many familier faces, ones to chat with a little, either get cheered by or cheer for.

I used to go to streetrunning events run or triatlon ones even when I haven’t restarted running and knew noone in the crowd, or just some, who I might not even seen. I used to be the one cheering loud, clapping and dancing around, giving power to strangers, the one I wish was participating as a runner, because of the athmosphere.

And here I am today. Running. Racing. And still loving the athmosphere. And I go to races earlier to meet people I know, to hang out. I go practice and run with people I know from running, and afterwards we hang out. We keep in touch off running. 

Are we friends?

Casual buddies, peers, mates, pals. Some definitely became friends. But would we become friends or even just buddies if running was off as common interest? Or is just our psyche playing around feeling much crewlove? Keeping up the good spirit so serious to actually break up running friendships or go even further feeling so much love you just gotta keep talking day and night, soulmate situation perhaps. Talking non run too, and this is when it become friendships from being running buddies. Is it all because of running?

Because obviously these people, we probably would never meet in other circumstances, or more probably we would. Noone knows. Diverse crowd, though not so diverse sometimes. Because it turns out among the crowd there are few or less we keep the outside of running world united too. 

Marilyn for instance I know for about a year, we met occasionally pre our running life, on parties – the ones dancing on tables and later the ones we brought our children too, when we became moms, but never talked really, we had so many friends in common instead – , but when we started running together we grew into a supertight friendship to talk secrets and gossip and issues of motherhood to each other. We call multiple times a day and chat on viber or imessage when off the phone. I was never too good with having girl friends, but this seem to last to a level I could not see myself not being close to her.

But this is unique, I don’t get so close to everyone on the team anyways, although another friendship is developing with another girl, I’m starting to surprise myself seriously. And of course there is M, who from teammates we became also close friends, so close that girls are actually jealous at me. Not new news by the way, this one I got used to it, I always went along better with guys as peers, so someone always hated me for that. With M we keep in touch 0-24 developing  a special bond from being superteam members just not long ago.

But with the two M-s, Marilyn and Misi it seemed obvious we would be friends, we are living by the same patterns, miracle we haven’t made closer before. 

Back to the rest, I question my concsiousness in regard of becoming close, because I’m not sure how would we actually start any conversation if running was not involved. It seems running as an environment created a special film set of a kind, getting us into a parallel living, where we run away from different things in our life to be in a totally different millieu. This should be an answer why we than make closer contacts to ones we don’t really know just sweat and run together, calling it crewlove.

There are no borders for these kind of friendships either. We write on a daily basis with someone I’ve never met before, but our love of running turned to a bit more than telling each other our excercise plans and race experiences, we freely and openly discuss feelings and family too. Just last week I had coffee with a girl coming from a NY running club on vacation, this week I guide a girl from Istanbul I’ve never met before through the apshalt of the city for a nice run. We get running contacts to crews etc to any city we go, and we get along, chatting like we knew each other for years while running. Psyche. Still, we could be totally different.

But do we run to meet new people new ways around us, or do we only talk to each other because we run? 

We run as a hobby, but is this environment artifical and therefore are these friendships developing through it fake therefore? Exception of course my M&M, but as I get into running even more, meeting even more people, will there be more exceptions?

Last week I went out almost every night on weekdays. Only one of those days was I having a drink with a friend I knew from way back, the rest I hung out with my running crew, and I felt love towards them, and easiness and calmness and no made up face, just casual talk about anything and everything. I started to know them deeper, and some I know would never be more than running buddies, but still, crewlove is ON. 



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