It seems thinking overtook the main drive of why it all started. To ease and not to think turned counting on averages and pace, using scientific words like limitation, tempo or fartlek, involving intervals and creating new dreams in PBs, comparing to others and ranks, carbofueling when totally no appetite.

In the beginning it was pure and easy, run til it feels good to become a social event, chatting and calling team mates, talking about workout plans and or shoes. 

Style lost the pure meaning and become a style of thinking. Social media sites turned user into social personnel, though the me time was in focus originally.

Meeting so many great people all over the world, the way the style and the same thinking of running.

Thinking overtaken everydays, social calendar getting full of crewruns. Feels good. And feels bad.

The main drive was lost somewhere and other aspects emerged. Crew, bridging the gap, fueling, no fueling, new shoes, new shorts.

Style. Never a fanatic in terms of outfit choices to run, though creative in dressing by heart not always meant universally excepted as stylish; I’m not the one making my hair nor up my face for races, I go easy as the original plan. 

Style. The way to run, and it also groups up with the way to feel. Before after and during. Main focus is in the body and mind inside and out. Dress the body and the heart too. 

Style. When running alone I wish I had company, so it would go easier. When with company I sometimes feel to be rather alone. But than again it goes easier with someone to run with. Even if it looses the main drive, the style 2 run. Perhaps it is only another style to experience. 

Dissertation experiment turned lifestyle habit and addiction turned the way of life. 

Style. To forget about PB, to achieve PB. Running is not my life though, overthinking rather is. My style.

I still have new goals and races and PB dreams, I still talk shoes and limitations, I attend social events as running with crews, but also willing to enjoy my ride on the running side of life; but running is not overtaking me anymore. I lost control somewhere along, and now getting my wings back. 

Style for the body and mind. 


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