Morning miserable turning evening fine. There are friends and soulmates are for to be there. Family too. I’m ok. Not. But in a way I’m ok, and will be OK one day too.  And there is me to be there for them in need. Rely on each other. Thanks for the emotional support, but I’m no Oscar winning one; funny one though we ran into the Cannes Grand Prix winner last night, and he remained the same. (Jumpin’ around thoughts as my brain does, no selflearning, I know this about me). Being the shy one, reminded me of a song ‘not really’, a hit I sometimes can and sometimes cannot listen to too. But. Lately I revisit Anima Sound System for support – musiclearning – though this song I’ve never heard before, no matter how big a fan I was, new to me – szavak meghalltak, keresd a dalban. I sing along and even alone at least 20 times a day. Trueness/sadness/trueness.

I confessed the girls I won’t be able to join them tomorrow and instead of cancelling the whole ‘bettertogether’ event, they decided to join at an early hour, this is fvcking crewlove or what!!! Thanks for that, although I’m no Oscar winner, but sure feel like one.

Also, when getting bullied and than the bullier actually comes up with the same idea, that feels a remedy too. Hi crewlove concurency, good luck to bring the same vibe, I seriously wish the best of all! Last week you tried to stress me with success, today I laugh.

These are thoughts meaning none for others, but me and one who might keep up. Or not. I’m fine, I’m fine with my feeling and my being. And it makes me happy for moments. Thank for being, although I doubt the being sometimes. 

Not understanding? Please skip. I’m not insane, in fact I was never been so sure ever. 

Will get back to normal. In terms of what this blog is all about. No more psycho2live but style2run. But this is personal too. 


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