T H U R S D A Y 2 R U N 

Heat is reaching to the level when morning run is actually the only runtime beareable. By now, I got used to wake up 5AM, not that it always feels good, but I don’t need an alarm to be up anymore.

Today however I woke up, but did not ran only later starting at 9 on some asphalt, already heaten up. Thanks for the street pumps along the route, probably checked into all of them. 

Talkative pace, not necessarily a good workout but it feels good at least. The talking. And the running. The talkingrunning. Don’t mind the heat that much no matter how easy I could pass out any minute, felt good listening to the birthday man, turning me kinda psychologist in mind – expressing him the usual – at last one always realize being honest and play no roles are the best way to live life; hope the message went through, I was not trying to teach, rather point out, he seemed to understand … Also, sunstroke welcame back, long runs companion of mine lately . Stopping for a minute was nice, even nicer to the fact I needed to speed up to sub 4:30 pace to catch up the front runners. Almost 20K in the feet later with a 2k tempo for the finish. Not bad in 34 degrees. Survived. 

Small things make it better.

Like a call during our refuel in the usual place a bit different setup, festival season makes us fewer but thinking of and ringing us up to say hi fully hangovered though, and we still listened to our song (always exactly at 11 am, the always same children song that signals us to start hydrating-like our anthem) together at the ‘morning bar’, that feels crewlove big time. 

Small things matter.

No things matter too. Or really doesn’t matter in fact.

Running early or later feels good once again, running asphalt or trail too.

Running matters.

Bodylearning occupies my brain, saluting my capabilities and borders, I observe. This is big thing that matters. 

Me matters, because small things matter too.

Rather than thinking of la douleur exquise I focus on small things, and decide whether it matters or not. Or not decide, and that feels good too. Like a phonecall, like a message from someone I haven’t talked for over a half a year, because I didn’t want to talk I guess, like a coffeebreak coffee making me even more tired. 

But the end of the day it is nice to think of the running, that had been done.

Matters of the day in regard of my style2run: opening up a man playing roles on an expert level suddenly changes all his appearance dropping his mask, empathy rises in my blood, feels good to know some people trust me enough to share their true side through honesty. This makes me feel alive and worthy too, even though I’m sure I cannot really help, only listen. But at least I listen. And later to be listened too,  hopefully dropping my own mask and stopped playing characters, at least for a while. Feeling appreciated as a soul rather than based and valued through the outlook. Such a big thing that matters, and thankful for that. Cliche or not, crewlove makes it special to run and talk. Either runtalking along the way or to close the day setting like over a berry smoothie. 

And this all begun with one single run a year and a half ago. That mattered and still matters. Running as a lifestyle. Selflearning. 


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