Just exactly by the time reaching one thousand followers I questioned the whole purpose of posting my days and runs. The reasons I was looking for. 

Somewhere somehow some motivational loss raised the flag for the whys. But than again, it just feels good when a company head sending me a message that someone sends her kisses from Berlin. Someone I’ve never met, nor really talked to ever. And then she just meets this hungarian man on an event and asks whether he knows me, and it just happens like that; sending hugs – stages of connection worldwide. Feels special.  Just a girl I’ve known from IG, a girl with whom we are active followers of each other for months. We encourage and cheer for each other through our posts, we get to know each other while commenting with emojis. Not unordinary, IG grabs us together with many. 

And my posts are all about this, getting together and meeting peeps with the same interest trough social media, in my POV.

Morning running with another girl met trough SM than in social runs, we are discussing the same. Running buddies we call the ones actually had met and talked more than ten sentences. This lady part of the Gökotta girls, a crew who made it from running buddies to tight friendship just to fight over an ultra relay and leave all the ‘women with vision’ movement and talk to each other no more. Me, being the bridge between the two parties, talk to all of them, I miss their togetherness, their girlpower full of encouragings. I miss their crew photos on IG. They still post, but solo runs dominate their pages.

Posting came uneasy for a week or so. No inspiration or creative thought, nor anything interesting to subject for the photos, tags, comments. Kept on running though like the good old days. The ordinary way of running. No watch, no phone, no selfie. Felt, it was too much to think of anything to say as it was just a run, no extra to discuss or comment on. So I held back, artificiality makes me and my posts fake I believe – it comes out as a pressured something, and I don’t think I could ever do that; it is either real, or no posting, no matter if anyone thinks otherwise; they must not know me really. No posterlife/nikebaby, nor any set up photos, only opportunities to express my feelings throughout the pictures.

But again, when the option to meet so many great people through the easy way; documenting some runs and thoughts it makes me feel I need to keep on going/doing/running. Cause it is really easy really to publish on IG.

Posting comes from the heart, like running does most of the times. Never a selfie for the selfie only. Never a well prepared post in order to reach decent level of likes. (Though some times it is a real mess I write about, same reason, I’m a mess means my posts are too.)

And this is exactly what I search in other IG users too. Nice to sneak into someone else’s life, even if it is only a setup I must confess, but it feels even better to see real people, real runners, real feelings and emotions around the world, and connect . 

And encourage and cheer for any race and practice they feel to be proud of or the opposite, when they feel low on willpower and face some meltdown. Because afterall, we are humans, not only runners.

One thousand followers feel great, but no doubt will I never post just to post. Sorrynotsorry. 

But connections in terms of getting in touch with others feel special, and I think there is the reason I was looking for when questioning my own SM appearance.

Person to person connections would be better naturally of course, but sometimes you just cannot meet everyone in real life. Running races worldwide give some opprtunities though, but until meeting in some race abroad we keep in touch online. And send hugs and kisses through the lucky ones actually meeting at events.


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