Because everyone is talking about it…

I’m a Texan I used to say in my late teens in terms of running in heat. When we made it to regionals with Pearland HS cross country team I even felt cold in Oklahoma with its 15 degrees celsius and harsh wind. But I hate the wind of course.

Budapest is on fire for the last couple of days everyone complaining about the heat the heat the heat. Runners, who only four months ago were praying for the summer stay in the shades of their flat or workplace with the AC on max in order to survive. If running at all they do it after 10pm.

I get notifications on a daily basis about prevention of sunstroke, the importance of hydration; runbuddies cancel practice because of the heat. Posts are all about waterpump information on running routes, with recommendation to better stay home instead. It is like, OMG it is summer, breaking news it is hot. Hello, it is SUMMER! 

So we go in peak hour. 3pm. 38 degrees. I’m a Texan afterall, my body must remember the heat and the humidity. Hat, sunglasses, runderwear; as minimal as one can go. Maintainig a sub 5min run, spectators point at us signaling ‘they are insane’ with their eyes. We are insane, but it is nice to see how the body adjusts to extremes. Our conversation starting to be rather funny, we dream about snowy surface, mountain views instead of the burning asphalt, we realize how the brain also holds back, words forming sentences are basic, and even our mouth does not operate normally. Something like when wintertime after a chilly hour trying to talk, but the whole face is so frozen articulation and expressing anything to the other is impossible. Kinda funny. A way to misunderstand too. Interpretation.

We think of  the snow, we loose clarity, but our legs keep on going. Sweat a lot. When stopping, sweating even more. Finishline equals 12 km of ran activity and about 2 liters of water drunk throughout the less than one hour. And some more after.

This was fine, this was extreme, had to try, we are insane. We need fun. Next day I decide to make it an evening one. Post dinner I meet up with a lady, and conversation is all about the heat. I enjoy the run truly, something I can do I guess, running in the heat. 10pm, the city buzzing, runners, tourists and bar attenders everywhere, I love this city. Still well over 30 degrees, but the sun is down, no more rays directly pointing to my brain. Lady company on the other hand slows down in sos need of water, it really does hit people. The heat. I feel fine, I could keep going for another hour with no water. Or is it my brain playing around. Running home I don’t stop but run all the way up to top of the hill. No wind, but feels ok, I wouldn’t mind the wind this time, but it is ok. When I finally stop, I laugh about how much I sweat. Drinking like a whole 1.5 l bottle of carbonated water makes me look like a preggo, and I just cannot go to sleep. Would be vital though, I have a 5:30 run appointment with another girl. 

After probably two hours of sleep at 5 AM I feel the freshness of the air, I actually put on a tanktop over my bra, considering it might still be under 30 degrees. Soon I take it off, it is fvcking hot already. A bit more than an hour of running, and I loose some sweat along the way, but it is always hitting me when stopping and going up on the stairs home. Taking a shower feels a relief, but when I sit down to dial back some unknown number calling me such an early hour I suddenly feel dizzy and tired. And in fact I am tired. And probably totally dehydrated. 

Media from all corners warns with huge storm and cooldown of temperature today afternoon, with enormous rain and ice showers. Everyone counting back the hours when the pain is over and once again fresh air knocks in. I might be a Texan, but looking forward some sub 30 degrees too. Or a swimmingpoo. And dreaming on about some snow-whitness.



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