News galore

Talking about races and babies.

San Francisco here I come. I hope at least as fall will be busy as it can be. 2 marathons in a month with a half in between, Europe, US. Up til november, the schedule is tight and it makes me smile. Love plans, or at least running related ones. 

Runner baby to welcome seems so extreme on the emotional level, how cool is that. Waking up for the news made me smile. Have fun in this world little one!

Crewrun turned mini race yesterday resulted in PB. Not mine though, I have no idea about bests on a practice route, but probably I’ve done it too. Feeling proud, but breathless afterwards. Stress based stomach-ache run turned smile for the finish. As much as I could anyways, but at least an honest, acknowledgable one.

Tokyo marathon is now open for registration. Too far away yet so tempting. Will sleep on this one and see if smile brings entering another M next year.

Texted a coach today. So at least I have plan what should be done for the desired finish-time. I can still decide later whether I wish to follow.

Eating. Plan is needed. Bought a book in order to learn the theory… And possibly follow in practice. Part of bodylearning, mindlearning.

I woke up happy today. A new life was born, and that is awesome.


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