Runners having fun.

Runpartyrepeat on max, where else to perform such than in a charity run and when if not from midnight until 6 in the morning.

Being the shy on the smile lately, no more talk or meets than the necessary minimum in order to keep the profile low, being ugly therefore one must hide.

Skipping one night of sleeping would not hurt keeping up with the Joneses I thought and I reuqested and granted a night-leave from the well-packed scheduled staycation week. I as well managed to squeeze in an evening meetup with T-model, I missed her wise words lately. After a coffee-limonade -powerade kombo of semi-diarheea and nice talk with the lady I headed to the teammates’ best bachelor apartment in town for some additional coffee, some wine and cigs and beautiful view to gather together into a white audi whatever to ride for our midnight charity run, involving me in 2 relay teams running 6 hours til the morning. I totalled around 38k, avg 4:40 running 3 hrs approx, with my fastest in 3:45 when I tried to catch up team no.1, slowest one 5:18 hearing the one understanding/not understanding Cs screaming that I go way too fast in my slow lap. I did good. Although I was not prepared nor ready nor anywhere near on set with my mind. 

I was or at least wanted to be mad in order to run myself out, which I somehow did distance-wise anyways, but not speeding the way I wanted to. I had a meltdown around 3:39 am, being tired and supercold in 25 celsius, I guess I was getting tired indeed running was 25k in the legs already. Running and stopping and running and stopping only for brief 30 minutes before my next round gave no justice to the body in terms of recovery. So, I wasn’t mad but was worn out already lining up at start. I was trying smiling in fact I did pretty good, comes from the subconcious always happen when people around me.

Worn outness coming from the pressure of not caring I cannot tend to avoid, I must not care, and caring about not caring takes a whole lot of energy out of me. Putting myself purposfully to not think makes me constantly think of not thinking/caring. Lot of work. Tiring.

This is how I started my run. Between legs, the quick breaks in order to set my pulse back to normal, get chilly in an otherwise enormously humid and warm weather, talking chatting drinking and having fun made me not think of my nothinking phrase anymore. Streching while shiverring and waiting on my crewmate to arrive and giving me the chip for my turn and finally 6am to arrive was the night about. Coke and some sips of beer along the way to make it a runpartyrepeat. Apollo440 to upgrade my mood came on the loudspeakers, and I finally was careless. When the sound of the end of the race occures we all gathered to the beerstand and the guys started the massive drinking phrase while awaited for the podium to get onto, because afterall we ran a good one.

With the girls I could not manage to catch up no.1 team, so we remained second at finish, still nice to achieve, proud girls of mates made me one happy camper too. Guys league was much harder, we got 3rd, with a lot faster run, I guess that is also ok, although mates used to win this race previously. Charity run anyways, attendance is the major win. Unicum with beer and cigaretted made them losing all seriousness, and we turned one by laughter by 7:30 morning. 

I cried of laughing by the end of the night when getting ourselves sorted in order to finally move up to the infamous white Audi where in we totally looked like partyanymals after a wild night of massive drinking and using drugs. Except our drog was running.

My drog is running. Makes me sleepless, restless, happy and full of vibes.

I must continue with fun racing it makes me fun too.


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