One more 


One more post on Suhanj6

One more leg to go.

One more lap to go.

One more team to run with.

One more post on the dedication of one strong support all along the way making me feel so special.

This me above, after my first leg, with two to go I thought but than I went a third one and a last fourth one too totalling 5 legs in 19 laps. Just for the clarity. It is me, my hair all being curly up from extreme humidity sweat pouring down on my body like a waterfall, constant drinking could not help dehydration at all, headache came later next day when I still kept drinking to regain some fluids into my body.

We were running in the dark with headlamps as a must, I carried in my hands, from the experience of my one and only headlamped run previously I could not jeopardize this relay run to stop every five minutes adjusting the lamp as I did on Ultrabalaton. I had no companion to help and care anyways. But the rest of the participants took it as a rule and used their lamps as designated, on their heads. The course was an L shaped one with a harsh turnaround in each side making the run crowd go see each other on the other side of the road all the way. First lap with black shadows of moving bodies only a bright spotlight on top of it made the scene look exceptionally beautiful almost tearfully romantic, but could not recognize anyone only enjoy the spectacle. As the crowd spread out along the way and the getting used to the scenery I still had no idea who ran towards me, only the most familiar running moves made me guess on the other, this became a game. 

On the other hand, supporters and onlookers seemed to have a special talent as they still shouted my name at every ten meters. That just felt awesomely special. Most of the times I had no idea who cheered for me, could not see faces only shadows of bodies but it made me so happy. I feel like more and more people I know through running, and I feel I became part of the community, in fact I got into the hardcore family. I belong to this tribe, although there is a slight possibilty that this race only the most closed circuit runners I know came. Not. Although meeting greeting before start I realized more and more of these fine ones I got to know. Side effects of being a social runner.

The race went on for 6 hours but the shouting and cheering would not stop nor the sound was ever muting. I heard my name at least 500 times, I wish I had started counting. Feeling like a rockstar kinda happiness this made me. 

Around 4:30 the sun started to rise, and finally I could see faced. And I could thank them too. Each and all of them. I love support, I love how it can fill up a worn out body in a second and give a push to fight it further. I really rely and live on that support. Especially cause I don’t bring any from home, I’m the type of runner who feels ashamed even to enter a race and rather not talk about my experience and delightfullness afterwards as it would meet deaf ears anyways. Support lifts me up, flies me to the sky, but at least keeps me going. Audience along any race gives me such adrenaline that it speeds me up too, any race anytime. 

But this race was even more special in this aspect, as my previous home race as well. People knew me, or at least recognized me and called me on my name. This does not happen in foreign countries, I’m not wearing big bolded letters with my name on my shirt. Foreign races I always admire and collect power from the crowd so big along the way, while Hungarian runs I rely on cheering squads shouting my name. And since I’m not an experienced home-based runner as I prefer races abroad to feed myself culturally as well while playing racer, I starting to love the feel of homeruns because of the feel of being part of the national running community. 

One more on the race.

Although it was not an internationally acclaimed and famous race, rather a community celebration running for a cause and charity, this was also the one where I revisited some memories from pro life. First of all, the list of current rankings printed out occasionally in the racetent. This I remember from my childhood, running nationals with my club always nervously checking, counting the gaps between us and the leading team. Made me nostalgic.

And this is how I found out that the girls team of ours were only less than one kilometer front of us. This lead to revisit another memory from the pro life, to race for the winning position, the possibility to catch up. 

So, I went an additional lap was not intentionally ran by me nor planned to run that much but I thought 2 extra kilometres high speed could not hurt my ego. 

One more lap, I speeded like hell, onlookers thought I went crazy shouting my name even louder giving me even more extra power. A quick tactical talk with the girls we decided to change every lap in order to shorten and possibly close the gap between the team leading. 

This meant one more lap once again.

Same same, no difference. Speeding, feeding my body with cheering. 

We got so close to the team but did not pass at final. They won and I congratulated them. 

And I won too. Lifted up spirit and excitment to remember. 

Until the next run.


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