Psycho Barbie

Sunday 7 am, we talked about nicknames with the drunkerds. I asked them what they call me behind my back, one of them said Psycho Barbie. We laughed. In running we are united.

I wonder sometimes if there can be any connections in life which from moment zero is obvious and no small talk needed. If there is the ultimate perfectness of realization, where once being thoughts only become a constant talk and action. Kind of free spirited careless happiness. If fairy tales exist in real world.

Must not.

I keep setting up stories while running, so I don’t think of the distance still front of me. These are the solo runs. I make up exciting tales on princesses and princess arriving in red bikes instead of white horses. My daughter is in her walt disney princess phrase of life, otherwise I wouldn’t be so creative. Living happyily ever after. 

So many funny and thoughtful nicknames friends from the running world come up describing another fellow runner. For some reason or they are just afraid to tell me in the face I have not been awarded with one. 

Running has its side-effects. No runs as well as we all know. Today was an off day, life thought it otherwise, I could not complete my daily allowance of free thinking provided by runner’s high. Two hours of a conference call at least one movie starts with a well set up pipeline, useful workwise, waste on my running plan on the other side.

I would wonder about on my wandering called running today otherwise. I would run streets named after species of fishes, going through crowded shores packed with overweight men and women and their beers and strand food. They all would look weird at me, being skinny compared to them running in an extreme heat, calling me weirdo while the have another bite in their home-made deep fried chicken sandwiches while taking another round from the cig or beer and or both while shouting at their kids to stop insulting them trying to get their attention finally. Summer is on.

That is another story I would make up while running, life is not all about princess and princesses meeting by a fountain, knowing the truth about life. 

There are times when no talk is needed, when run is the ultimate connection into the free world where everything is possible, where no words say thousands of sentences. 


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