Rundom & more freedom

What makes run even more freedom feel than the clean mind after only?

Running on the hills, elevation, the up and downs, the athmosphere, the nature, the calmness. I thought running already gives enough, enough of feeling better afterwards, like a big breath in and out, taking off all the fuqing weight if only for second of the shoulders, to open up to the world, to smell freshness, but running in trail, that is ever more of mofo something. 

Something overly cathartic and super fine calm. Multilativus in all terms.

I found trail, and thought I found ultimate freedom.

But than I went even further. Heatwave made me run in runkini. Sportbra and racer briefs, gear I feared to wear, body is not ready to be shown off like that. I did anyways, one must face own fearness. On the countryside, where noone sees, in fact everyone did, as I was running along the train track. Just do it kinda way. 

Runkini and the lake nearby gave the opportunity to cool a run down by dropping my watch and shoes and run into the water. So easy, so simply. So awesomly mindblowing. If ever felt anything free, this is the one moment I completely was overtaken by.

Run and cold dip after.

Perfect moments of realization.


Cold water after a run.


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