Style2run experiment


Style2run’s existence began as a side project for my thesis I wrote a year ago for my studies on digital marketing focusing on the topic of the individual’s influence on social media and its effect in marketing choices of big brands and companies.

Dissertation soon became a passion, passion became a lifestyle, I observed, analysed with great excitment and turned my work in with proud happiness to checked by the university comittee. I was never afraid of not passing, in fact I didn’t even care on the results, the road once again gave me so much knowledge, impulse and feels already. It worth it for the road itself.

Style2run became an everyday activity, a work with no commitments, no payroll, no bosses. My way. Dissertation never felt easier than before, although it took considerably a lot of time of my life. It also took a lot into risk: family, relationship, friendships were and are brought to the edge quite often. Life changed, and diploma earned. No regrets on any seconds in the past.

Style2run outlived the experiment phrase in fact it became part of me and I became Style2run. Never biased any posts for more traffic or followers. Honesty I always gave big focus and throughout the whole project whoever I got in contact became a real interperson communication and never kept it on the level of scientific analysing. I’ve met great people and greater ideas, cultural exchanges excited me on a daily basis.

I never planned what would happen with Style2run after the project would end, and still have no plans. I don’t consider myself as an influencer nor a dot on the world digital map either, although I do feel like a superstar sometimes. Sometimes not. It was no question to keep Style2run alive because all impulses, inspiration I received through gave the biggest strenght and existence, and I hope I also could and still will be able to give back some.

When the thesis topic started to formulate in my mind there was only one person I shared it with and A really is someone who helped me through a lot along the way. Her academic approach to my rather spontaneous and creative idea helped me to make a serious paper out of my love towards running combining with customer behavior. I’m seriously grateful for her and everyone whoever had any business with Style2run. And for their new friendships too. 

Style2run became me and I became Style2run. I’ve changed personally along the way, but I’ve never changed along the way. Style2run became a live person as soon as the start, otherwise it would not feel real. And I didn’t want it to be not real anyways. I changed however, as I started to communicate with strangers with diverse cultures soon became close friends a lot of times. But I’ve also remained to be myself as well friendships formed on true personality trades. 

I grew into the new ways, the extremity to have a huge door suddenly opening up to the world for both inviting in anyone and for me to step into the big world myself. Lot of responsibility along the way but never a careful focusing on results only plan in terms of reaching my goal, if there was any. It was never obvious if the project would be successful and a thesis could be written out of it, but along the way after a while it didn’t matter anymore. I started to enjoy being Style2run all the way.

And this is why Style2run keeps on going!

There were are and possibly will be times when I question the legitimacy of the existence, whether it helps my own selflearning at all, but than it usually ends up with a loud yes, a green light to keep up, because I like it a lot and it takes me to places physically and mentally both where I’ve never dreamed to be.  I travel, I meet people, and we talk ideas, ourselves, and world problems. I also meet doubts, resistance and some hate along the way which feels soultearing and questions the legitimacy just to turn back to the befgnning of the paragraph. Like in real life basically. Because Style2run became real life.

As S2R became me I’ve met people really grew important to me. Like so important to be there for them if they need me, like really need me. Or just for a beer, just for a smalltalk. Whatever. For an honest talk, for love, for a run you name it. Budapest-Copenhagen-New York-Amsterdam-Munich-Kiev-Moscow. Anywhere basically. 

And S2R became a runner too along the way. 

Style2run also has a diploma in master of Marketing Management now.

Thank you all for the great support all the way. I build myself and S2R on this. 


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