Moments vs seconds


Reading my facebook timeline… Sometimes, I’m not much of a fb person nor have the time to go through the feed.

But I do sometimes anyways, getting to know my so called friends in this way too, how they are commenting on the refugee crisis, block them or acknowledge them being still human. And of course the usual, the pink bubbled Coelho phrases among the pictures of flowers, hearts and the usual sweet puppies and babies I will never be able to take part in, don’t live on quotes of how to be happy. Instead try to be happy of life. Or not. Live it – being me.

Someone posted today that life is all about moments. Nine days to Berlin I also think about moments too. In a different way however I stopped for a moment, ahha.

Berlin. Berlin. Berlin.

City of my first big M, the one where I had not bothered on times and seconds, focused on the moment, kept me busy for more than 3 and a half hours chronologically but also kept me occupied observing and letting the then and there into the heart. Was I ready to take the mission had two side, anxious to call myself a marathoner afterwards versus had I trained enough to call myself a marathoner afterwards. Moments vs seconds did not matter, although I still wanted to run a good one. 

And I ran a good one, both for the moment to be remembered in life and seconds to be proud. Planned on this marathon only, just to realize I can’t stop feeling the moments later in my life. Marathons came and went, seconds became important, moments equally. Race became part of the game; decreasing seconds vs having a great and memorablr moment in life, the two goes hand in hand. Or not?

Must focus on this. Seconds became obsessional thoughts in the mind, although I strive for the moments to remember instead. Perfect conditions meant to equalize the moment vs seconds battle, but I wonder how serious speeding leads to a punctual moment on the memory lane later. 

I keep moments in my heart and my brain, ones keep me going, make me smile, or cry. Ones I’m built up on and develop me to who I am at the moment. Seconds however gives only a momentary happy moment, although leads to unforgettable moment for the future. I wonder. 

NY was better than Berlin second-wise, though it was a moment I could not deal with for long. Ran good, and looking back I also enjoyed no matter how the focus was biased with the wind and the cold weather and the lost focus itself. Nagoya marathon was won by the moment rather than the seconds, though both were in picture. However moment totally overruled all. Trieste marathon is on the ‘last-minute marathon’ list of mine as well, where seconds vs moments came out as a result being even, though moment was biased by the seconds had been cut short enormously. Still, made it as a moment.

I wonder how Berlin will finish in this race, and how seconds influence  the moment: whether my finish on the race will be a focus on the seconds or the moment instead. 

Tapering mode definitely brings out my phylosophical side. 

These moments are part of lifemoments adding some material to the memory lane but also has an effect on today just as moments of other parts of life equally if not as important, however seconds are something different being only a subject to change in order to achieve great moments to remember in life.

Well said. Or not. 


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