Heroes of the asphalt

So far, I have never ran a marathon hometown. Budapest is yet stays unticked. I wasn’t planning to run this year either not that I wanted, it did’t met my plans at all. 

Plans? New word in my vocabulary anyways in regard of running. Living on the now or never kinda thread, this autumn bringing the new era of actually thinking ahead and plan or train for a race. Not my piece of cake however, not my peace of mind whatsoever. But Marathon Majors must be planned no matter, and this way I had no choice but take the ordinary way called planning. Ahead.

Unexpected therefore can only occur when plans are directly concreted and steps taken in order. Unexpected only happens when necessarry steps were planned and done. But getting sick is unexpected in both living parallel happens if happens so. Never really being sick previously – not that I’m THAT sick now – affects both my everyday life but also running paradise too. Hello real life! Plans to be ruined.

Not that I planned to run Budapest Marathon. Not that I’m being a snob – yesh – but it did not meet my other plans. But, I had to be part I had to be there. And I had to cheer, to scream, to laugh and clap my hands. 

Not so big of a use being a two pack cheering team at the 1K mark but at least I was there with the daughter. In rain. No, it actually rained no more. The weather went crazy nice for the time of the race, stopped raining at exactly when the start pistol went off and regained energy to pour on us some major amount of water when the death bus got back to the finish area. Thanks for whoever.

Weather epic to the ones running the M, I just stood there watching the elites rush through and when the crowd approached, and I felt envy. I felt these people are doing some extraordinary, something pretty unique – though only on this race 10.000 runners took part -, and I felt they all are heroes of a kind. i had to actually convince myself of me having been there and done that, but it looked so far away. I was one proud little onlookers with big dreams that at once I can make it too. Even though I’ve done a couple of them already. Marathoners high. 

Though, Berlin will never fade, nor my other extraordinary marathons I’ve done over the one year when I started. And I still have a major ahead, New York bib just arrived today and a half on the way in SanFrancisco which I’m already packing for. Nontheless being prepared though I could not even not run the last week but was barely able to move.

And perhaps next year, I finally could run one marathon hometown. 


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