Which one is really me and what others see into it. In real and through SM? And do I care?

Last week it was all about talking of the psyche, although I was quite busy once again with work so much I barely made to running – or perhaps was it a pretty good excuse – I still managed to be occupied with buddies talks about feelings and running. When a runner talks about running…

I have my own issues in terms of acknowledgment but in the field of running I found my own ways with no need of feedback, in fact I like the nofeedback better. I feel good I found my crew and among the crew who really matters. And for them I stand up for, and get into conversation of psyche no matter how busy I am. Because they matter. Point taken.

Still, I know the obvious that people do rumor and do conversate about me just as the others based on brief encounters, even knowledge or at least what they believe is a knowledge. I have fun while running solo or in teams, running makes me happy, crew lifts me up. The way I am. Though this does not lead to the  fact to be careless and happy all the time. And I sometimes wonder how others think about me.

Critical mass is the running community, although the strong bonds have the real understanding of each other. And really, I find this encouraging and calming. So many rumors, negative and untruthful ones around us about us, it is good to feel safe with honest ones for at least a moment of so.

I’ve been talking with one of the close ones today, about another close one… And although I know these friendships are pretty short in the history of time, I still feel that these connections are intensively enough to take it serious. Not only we share common hobbies but we built each other up and ourselves by doing it together. 


I gotta admit: I smoke I drink and I dance quite a lot, I also curse in real life, though not much in written form, I cry and laugh in one minute apart and I eat – when I actually eat – bad food known as cookies and faz cheese. I get upset when I hear the news, when seeing a wrinkled deep eyed homeless or an old mankind with history as their aura. I also cry of anger and scream with the ones I love too. Tough on the outside and supersensitive inside. i also post a lot about myself wearing nike and sometimes I use trending hashtags though I don’t like them. And I seriously: only regret the selfies, and only sometimes.


Because I know there are always whispers behind my back no matter what I do, human’s own ability to be jealous and critical of the others, but I measured the pros and contras and please feel free to talk about me feel free on judging; what I gained from the hastags known as meeting people all around of the world worth the bullying but that might be an exaggarated word though, I MET PEOPLE NOT ONLY HAVING THE SAME INTEREST BUT SENSITIVITY TO EACH OTHER. We got together cause we love running but we are also deep souls. And we became connections and friends. Special ones.

And I wonder, do runners have the most sensitive characteristic traces in human behavior? 

I’m glad to call myself a runner and through social media and through our running we are all united and live in peace. 


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