The run is yours

It’s been exactly a week since Facebook group of Hungarian Runner’s Community made so much traffic, and this time not the usual thought to be funny jokes that rose awareness, nor the shoestesting or the everboring ‘hi, can anyone tell me what to wear in cold weather for a run’ questions that used to nominate on the feed. Never had read those anyways.

A girl posted a week ago, that she was attacked during her run on the popular Margaret Island where probably majority of Budapest based recreational runners go for a round or two. Easy to reach as it is downtown area, one lap is a bit more than 5 K so easy for everyone, as everyone starts with one lap. Budapest runners actually don’t count personal best in 5 or 10km but rather in island laps.

She was attacked, and therefore later she posted: do not go alone for a run, it is dangerous, it is Budapest 2015. Sounds a bit overreactive and a bit more seeking for attention rather than actually raise awarness by telling facts, but it did anyways. The facebook group boomed in no seconds; everyone asking for details – never got any -, gave advise – thanks but no thanks -, but what they also did was suggesting to run together. And it happened like that. Guys started posting about what time in what pace they are planning to go for a run saying that any girls could join them. Not that for me it feels less fearing, but it was also nice to see that runners unite as soon as an issue occurs. 

And there it went, small groups of people meet up and go for a run in the evenings, more joining them along the way for a run. 

On the other hand I hate to feel any fear along my run, as much as I feel sorry for the girl, and really it is terrible that you gotta still constantly check on the outside world while running, I also think that Budapest is a capital and even if pretty small and having a crimerate on the lower side, things like this happen, I also got mad at the fact that it might had affected quite a few women on their running routines. 

The run is yours. In Budapest, in Toronto – where the same happened just recently -, or anywhere in the world. I opt not to live in fear, but hopefully take good caution while running.

But I also gotta say, it is nice to see a community getting active like this and trying to find solution for the problem rather than finding stereotipic guilty ones. Thank you for not having the typical Hungarian mentality and pointing to suspected criminals and rather help. Running culture in the united runners of the world.


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