Trail is the new asphalt?

Is it?

Or always has been.

Autumn went by fast, so fast, I’m still stuck in some moments burnt into my brain if not my soul. In fact the whole year flew by, although it seemed I’m stopped at points throughout. But this post is not about looking back, one must concentrate on the path front. Especially on the trail. 

I’ve already had experiences of major flow exploding when and after sneaking out to off the usual routes, off the concrete jungle. And today was no otherwise.

Not our trail, but the path we use and been lend to us by mother nature.  Nothing special, not the Rockies nor the other Monts, little hills here and there with small stones or rocks and some torn down forests due to the icy rain last year before I first went there after almost 15 years. But its moments are ours, just as the run. And for some unexpected reason I feel so much happiness after running the trail, neither words nor real thesis cannot explain. Just gives a smile after.

I know, trending is now to go to the hidden path not so hidden by the way, there was the hype of the running itself everywhere and anywhere now comes the trailrunning’s fifteen minutes fame.

I dare not to go alone however, this complicates the method a bit but still managable. Not an everyday happening, and this makes it unique in terms of awaiting for a trail run. With someone. Merry runners on the go, off we go.

We went with M today. Heavy on thoughts, short on breath and talks, we kept the pace even and shared the silence, deep thoughts emerged with elevation; ones never let out, only with M. For about half and hour not even with him could I open up, nof he seemed either. But because trail also eases people up so much that silence became occasional commenting on the foggy weather turned to actual conversation. We helped each other through the deep mud like we did through hard times along the way called us in 2015 and even harder races we ran together. It’s been a year we first realized we became runner mates. The mud and the fog brought up some stories from the memory lane, soon turning to future plans, some we would take together as challenges. It was fun only going for a run for the running itself, but it also feels good the lay out some possible funrace options for the future. No time-chasing rather something we do together to accomplish together. Focus on the togetherness.

And there were we, planning our spring run events. We ran the trail, and after it gave me the smile once again.

Trail gives something to me, that calms my restless mind even for seconds, but seconds worth. Fall had been low and depressing, December even more so, run feels a struggle usually, but I still go anyways. Sometimes it feels better though. And that usually happens either on evening session cityruns or on trail. 

So I keep the trail no matter how trendy it seems, I don’t go with the flow, but acknowledge the new hype around it. Great fun. Meanwhile I also hope to keep the hood and the woods as it is, mainstream cannot affect the view the terrain and the feel it gives. And I wish I dared to go solo, until I take M as my silent companion anytime. Or the fast ones, or the slow ones. Trail awaits and I must be present.

Trail just gave the vibe back to me today. But tomorrow I try some asphalt for a change too. Feeling hopeful for good vibes only to restart and continue.


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