Run remains

Just one salty teardrop to the salty ocean.

by the end of the year it is all gone. 

Gone for a run.

I need to get myself back on track and back on in general. Lost some major battles with myself by the end of the year. And this should be done otherwise. Hello after holiday melancholie, although my holiday just started. Mind needs to be set. And ready steady. 

Friendships stay on forever they say. Run must too. This time I rather concentrate on the run only. Things like connections with people differ, it’s not that I don’t care, but this time I really shouldn’t. Once again realizing to get to the point on feeling worthless. This is me, I guess. 

I’m gonna do my 4000km this year, and will be thankful for this to some, because without their presence I wouldn’t be here. On the other hand it was my willingness towards and don’t blame anyone or anything. It gives a certain melancholie when something needs to be left behind a burden bridge, but I guess I have no other choice. Still, gonna achieve a 4000km year. Alone for the last 18km. 

Goals and plans should include friends but definitely decided solo as I happen to get more attached to a dream than I should or others do. 

It’s me. My life. My way. And I should like that cause I like that. Acceptance on focus. Runners are inviduals and are lone with their own challenges no matter how big of a crowd they gathered together. Otherwise I would probably play some team sport. But then again characters make up those teams as well.

C’est la vie.

Gone for a run.


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