Motion blurred

Returning to reality hitting me so hard.

25 km for the weekend, cannot even recall when was the last time running that much. Plan for the plans required run, Sunday morning awakening and picking up M at home and myself from pieces. Meeting with the crew I like these peeps. No doublethoughts on elevation nor distance off we ho, before I could realize all those. Up on the asphalt in my trail shoes, early morning discussion with M on the daily styling in regards of shoes especially. Should have chosen other ones we end up never leaving the concrete at all. Everything around us is icy and slippery. 

Slippery everywhere, life especially, it is time to reboot and think through. I manage even if left behind a bit to keep up with the crew, uphill I breathe heavily. No crying during this time. Enjoying the scenery and my own motion. Even if blurred and cannot focus, I’m still present, I take apart. I feel ok not that it shows. But I feel ok during my run.

Even the sun comes out for brief minutes and it is all ok. Post run tea warms me up a bit, still shiverring though. Warm shower makes the trick, at least my body is ok, my hands reach its normal temperature. I just ran 25km I realize. I try to smile at M and pretend everything is ok. But it will be, everything will be fine. Plans we talk a bit more, good to have plans. Together. Still blurred, but we are in motion. 

2016 began bittersweet and along the way to vibe it up. Right on time when real winter checks in, real challenges of life begin.

Run plans are settled. 

The rest is as you wish. 


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