Intervalls my way

Not my piece of cake. Anxious days before every speed work. Let’s do it together, much easier as a crew.

And I always give up, at around 1 k, or the second set if intervalls are shorter. Somewhere along the way I lose all interest of increased heartbeat. An excuse? Probably. But a seriously biased one, I take it as granted, mind wins over body, I don’t ever experienced lactat phrase at all during speed work. In 2015 I enjoyed probably 1 or 2 workouts on tracks only, both with M, but we are a team anyways. And he was pretty much speed-work virgin so I set our lace usually; it changed now, he takes it all serious and commited AF to have his pace as coach requested. Killing me all these seriousness in relation with being lifestyle runners or our and in contrary to run to enjoy. With the crew all track attacks turned and still turns a menace of speeding, starting off well below the required pace, l know you gotta give it your best, but I rather quit. Always.

My girl, Nanna told me she prepped for her Berlin Marathon alone, doing all intervalls and fartleks solo. I thought she was insane, but committed. And I’m not one. Committed. Insane I am. Very much. 

But than again, it works for me too. Running alone I don’t hassle to let set my watch to the speed required by coach who btw sending me the plan 2-3 weeks as a package leaving no ultimatum for a worse day perhaps. So I set my own boundaries, and break my own barriers; I go run, start speedwork at a faster than before pace, speeding up throughout on set if I can, kinda checking my watch but never get overpunishing if it isn’t the right pace – usually slower, few times on pace, rarely faster – , but always finish. No dissapointment on giving up, nor any guilt over not even trying. Because as rule 2 I never -never say never, but really I try – skip intervalls nor fartleks. This also means I rather do these alone, so I can do as I wish. Nanna’s way works for me, and will see if it gives – in fact takes away some second or minutes – strength to run faster on races. 

On a sidenote: I’m training for a multiple days ultra running celebration (ha) again with M but as individual contestants so probably my speed trainings are not as hard as when I prepped for Berlin Marathon perhaps. And also it is wintertime. But nonetheless, I feel finally some joy finishing these track attacks and I’m glad I got to this point.


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