Run vs. Fashion month

That time of the year one of the two annual where I keep myself as busy on the net if can’t be present as possible, looking at beautiful creations with my totally sweaty being of myself. 

Never miss a runway show I run to my laptop taking off the outer layer at least to be up to date in fashion world. 

Morning runs, although I tend to wash my hair after waking up I realize what’s for, and I quickly put a hat on it, all ok, noone will notice kinda way and off I go. Later, post run I take a shower in the office -thanks for the comfort and high-end design, but mostly for the hot hot water. Cannot wash my hair, will do it tomorrow morning I say, I hate drying my hair anyways, although I keep one compact little hairdryer in the office was never been used. I sit down to meetings trying to act it is the way I wear my hair, messy, oily and kinda tossed totally randomly. Confident is the main key here. I’m a runner afterall. 

But fashion week days are different. Between meetings and runs I obsessively slide through all images to get to know all happenings. Don’t want to be left out especially that I’m left out in a way. Ugly as one can be I admire photos of beautifully made up women/girls.

And yesterday I was finally releaved. After so many Alexander Wang runway moments of well-done oily hairs -kinda small semgments compare to more mainstream brands, Prada showcased the exact mirror of my hair of the moment. Like girls just ran with me a speed workout in order to get to the show but had no time do hair. Red lips and the awesome clothes they put on, but the hair, THE HAIR was omg, just like me after my 3x3000m progress run under a hat. 

Or more precisely: I’m so fashionable and trendsetting that even on a run I wear the latest of the not even introduced trends, o yeah. 

Nonetheless, I washed my hair this morning, but now going for a run to set up the wet-look trend in couple of days of practices. Who would know I’m not fashionable but lazy instead. 

I love fashion weeks!


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