Been weeks

Been weeks since accomplished Ultrabalaton where we trully lived the vow of being together in good and bad.

This time bad overtook and stamped  the future of us as a team. Failed. Spirit ignited and lost along the way, got fourth in the men’s doubles beaten our last year’s time by almost half an hour, we did great as per the chrono but failed as a team. 

Problems always occur especially on an ultra race more over on teamwork when in serious situation. Had to keep my head and vibe together so much for the whole race I kinda forgot I actually ran 118 km in total. Passing the finishline felt a releif but only to finally let my head go and my soul to rise and let out the cry I’d kept back for 20 hours and the night before. 

The weather the bad stomach the too much expectations towards the other lead to the conclusion to yell for two days afterrace with each other just to find out we really have the same issue with the other, the happiness and the showing to feel proud of the other and us as a team we lacked. Emotions arisen ultra on an ultra race. Everything so ultra. Acceptance is the key, and we dropped it along the way. We found it later and will see where it take us, the door its opened by. 

I’m proud to be able to have Tight Klub making us a name, been so many races together which felt great. I’m proud we could do it cross the finiahline in spite of all issues we had to deal with. I’m proud of we. And I’m glad we are a team most of the times. 

and it also has been weeks I haven’t talked to an almost friend and it just feels weird.