My lifestory

When it’s windy I cannot run when it’s hot I cannot run, when I’m seriously down i cannot run as it seems.

But when it’s windy I run, when I run even more, when I’m down, well I run or not.

It had been weeks of self observation through notrunning than running, yoga and awesome conversations. It’s like somewhere along the way I lost my will to follow my dreams, when all of a sudden I realized I’m no longer choose my own willingness, decisions were mainly the acceptance of other’s choice. And all of a sudden, I’m back at the same route, just another lap, giving up on individuality once again.

It’s had been weeks and now it is all clear, and there is probably a last minute signed string I can pull in me before I totally get over the edge. 

Mindset. Pretty simple. There are worse minutes but I’m realizing some things through experimenting once again.

Back to running too. Not really nor always enjoyable, there are so many plans now a bit up in the air, was so sure on them, but who cares, sometimes even if hard answers await. I’m restless AF, even when calm. And the solution is so simple. Accepting.

You can do it.

I can do it.

Just do it.
There is one thing for sure, love is in me, warm and kinda makes me happy, and run is there too. And I’m fine with that. Both. 


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