It’s not always easy to get up stand up, it’s sometimes shamefully violent turned from a pretty easy and ongoing understanding. How’s running? 

Hitting the ground falling on the asphalt kinda wake up call it is only couple of weeks until Berlin Marathon once again. Place where my first and most meaningful big M happened. 2 of a kind really, M-s are special, worth the struggle or not.  Def worth. Dada.

Trying to find my fast -not so much- I found my old/new mantra BERLIN. Two years ago I kept a bit more on the word count: there is no wall. Especially not in Berlin anymore. So while coach vs me we both are screaming on the road: you can do it, keep on going vs I cannot fvcking do it, l hate this shit at around 4-4:10 pace for 2×2000 I mantra inside of me with my calmest sexy voice BERLIN and I just do it somehow and I feel dadading AF.

Girlpower or how you call it, I cry inside a river but I keep or more precisely revisit my willpower I’ve never met really. Cry me a river since NY marathonwise but keeping faith in special bond and running partner in running crime to just realise running is a lonely one even if it feels good not to feel the lonely runs lonely. Nor the social runs.

Everything happens for a reason bullshit is not my kinda answer but dadading makes it a pretty obvious choice for myself. M is soon, and cannot wait to meet again even though it might take a bit longer than my personal best. Fast was never lost but rather never found, I keep on mantra and dadading and try/maybe to run some speed ones. 

Too late neither is my kinda answer. There is never too late. Because everything happens for a reason. Ha.

Dadading myself to enjoy and guess I still love my M. 


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