Step by step

Looking at my apps I’m using I’m slowly getting back to a daily run. Not fast nor any special.

Step by step. I don’t cry 24/7 anymore, I occasionally smile too. Alone too. Listen to music. During and off running too. Step by step.

Not that I have dreams nor a chance to run something good in Berlin. But this will be my third time running there. Will be different as all marathons are different. Step by step, and after millions of steps there will be a finishline. No dreams about that just a hope. It will be real for the third time. Too.

I’m a runner I guess to all and everyone not running out there. I fink you freeky. And I like you a lot. 

I guess I’m a runner than.

With no plans only dreams, no dietetian only appetite, no cross training only the love of step by step. With no will to call myself a runner only to have a body of a marathon runner, or a 10k olympian, or anyone with lean and long legs. Dream on. But there is the step by stepping. And once in a while the dancing. And going crazy. Uh. But now step by step.

The faster you run the earlier you finish. That’s the dilemma. Perhaps to some. I ain’t got no choice. Not running is not an option, fast running neither, I’m no fast to runners around me. Agree. Disagree. How fast is considered to be fast, how quick is quick. Can never be fast enough, there always be faster better even prettier even when running. But nothing compares to you. Merci for the living step by step. 

Calm steps by step. Quite the opposite required for a good pace. Gone for a run. 

Intervalls even. Fartleks. Progressive ones no thank you. Not yet. Something has changed on the road I’m taking, but accepting my own craziness does not lead to going crazy on progress runs. Head is there in a way, heart beats calmer but still heavily, step by step. Heavy legs too, loud music on the speed ones done alone so I don’t feel left behind. Girl, uh baby. Gone for a run. 

Nothing extraordinary, just run. Whenever wherever. 


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