It’s not all about running runaway. September 1st hastags and FB posts on lastdaysofsummer, firstdaysofschool, etc. As an adult what’s the difference? 

My first day od september I ran away to run far away. I did not run but was far away, and far from running. Wien for a day a one day holiDAY, just to hang out in cafe’s and bars. I predicted too much from this summer I guess, long awaited since winter, amd in reality it went by with no major wows only phuhhs. And so, when my daughter finally get back to kindeegarten after the summerbreak and autumn checked in with its melancholy or rather my own melancholy, I got into the car and arrived to a city with some difference to Budapest, but not too far to get back by late night. After some booze with a stranger a coffeebreak I cancelled and some yakult to get my stomach back in business. There is no stores to find yakult in Budapest, there is no product like yakult for me. 

Same as a one day vacation away from home to fill up. Even with no running and miles in the logbook.

I wish summer was better, and I have no expectation how fall will go either … But running stays with me to feed on, be fed up or be fueled on. That’s running.


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