The way

With Coach.

Running the streets how I like it. I keep running, I keep dreamin’ I keep my faith in everything that matters to me. 

Fall is here and nothing can stop it. Not like me, I stop and question mainly everything. How and why. I keep thinking for no possible reason, I sit and straight and I just look into the nothing. The only time I probably focus on what I actually do is when I run. I don’t even know what I focus on, probably the strides and fly, long distance running is something like life. Battles with the mind like real life problems, solving and getting over with it and keep running getting the strides and fly back in place. Sometimes I wish I could cope real life like ultra run. But than again, I only ran ultra as part of the team. And real life problems are all yours. Only. Deal with it.

Sometimes I wish for a casual phone call on any topic or even better a proposal for a casual chat at my place or other place. A dinner to be finally cooked together. Like a run together. Than I just have dinner and a run alone. That is pretty comforting too. Although I don’t usually dine alone. Nor dine. But I like to run alone, those fartleks and intervalls gave me a new meaning in that case. Laughing off speed as a phrase in my speed works. I run faster but not fast. I have wine with friends just to realize that I live on wine and people’s words. I try opening up to the few close but in fact I just look into the deep air front of me and i daydream, beacuse really I opened up only to one, and did it really mattered or made a difference?, yes it did, but does not anymore, deal with it, me need to deal with it. I like to get out of this and run, I could do it 24/7 I think. Nowadays it is pretty comforting. I still run with others and talk with other runners but I keep or try to keep most of the runs to myself. It’s been some time now that after dropping of the daughter at kindergarten I did not go for my usual route, it does feel weird though but life always goes on and on, to the point when it won’t anymore. But stopping this BS really. And shake shake shake it all up. 

Reminding myself with intervalls. And shake shake it up. 


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