Plan a race post marathon was a must, I know already. Not that being an experienced marathoner but experienced somewhat in my own life. Doesn’t lead to avoid the same and do something completely different in order to change miseries of life. BUT! 

Actually opening up to -t.r.y.i.n.g. – some new makes me smile lately – noteventryingbutcomeshonestly.

BUT! I knew I needed a new goal right after the marathon, not to settle into the usual 2-days-of post M depression, so with Gabesz we’d already signed up to Budapest Marathon 4 person relay shortly before Berlin just to avoid, as follows:

Runner 1: me

Runner 2: me

Runner 3: Gabesz

Runner 4: Gabesz

That means we most likely get 4 ugly designer and tipoed finisher shirts – it turned out pretty ok, even if volt color, almost meeting some intl design standars, well, a l m o s t.

If finishing we would also get 4 medals, how cool is that. We can also have the chance to cover our race shirts’ every milimeter with bibs if we wished. Ok, the main reason was to half the marathon but there was no option for that. 

After Berlin I finally thought to rest and enjoy the two weeks of not-even-doing-anything-i’m a berlin marathoner kinda way. All for the plans.

Got sick before Berlin, like the once a year in Berlin sickness I get every freaking year since running Berlin anyways. So, a bit of running nose – bigtime! – a bit of coughing – like vomiting my whole inside of me out pretty loudly – a tiny bit of fever – though I never really have fever -and a post marathon sinusitis. Leaving me sick AF for minimum of 2 weeks. Funfunfun, because I was shooting. Both work as behind the camera and fun as being front, featured, soon to be released. So work did not stop, in fact I probably had the hardest two weeks of the year, but that will definitely change as next week will be even busier. Home became a different word as well, my world suddenly made a 180 degree turn, which is good and bad at the same time. Bed became cold but hot too. Metaphores honey, such as life.

That is so far not to have any post marathon down tempo post marathon. Still I was glad to know to run the half in two weeks of time. Budapest Marathon I’ve never ever raced. Once –  I promised to myself to run the whole finally. But was so glad I would only have to run half.

Little I knew I would get a phonecall just a week prior to race, the day it seemed everyone decided to participate on it. Simply put I was asked to run the marathon. But as part of the team racing for the national champion title. Immediately said yes even though I just two weeks ago sweared to any God I wish to believe in not to ever go pro for any team any club. I also sweared and was glad not to run any more marathons, at least for the rest of the year. So much for my reliability. I guess I can’t say no when it comes to racing. 

So between meetings and shootings and family affairs and none sleeping nights and being super super sick I had to manage to visit a doctor get myself checked and paper stamped to be able to enter the big guns aisle and run nationals. After like 17 years, back to the frontrow.

And than came the weekend of the race… With no intention nor will to run 42 fvcking kilometres and some more. But the weekend was about to begin…


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