Autumn day by day

Never thought I’d actually miss tempo runs, but for a week of on and off running I feel like getting out finally on my own to speed up a bit. My own in capital letters.

I really liked the august way of working out. Alone, weightless and with a bit of willpower. ‘S been a week and a half already post my last marathon race and post-marathon-depression is long gone. Plans are in sight but not confirmed I kinda run when time permits and pretty spontaneously. Not a time these days to schedule anything, hectic and not enough a 24 hours day. Still, it feels good just to finally sit down somewhere and just do not do anything, that is when I do and feel the most. Off running. Always to consider though. 

Feeling tired. Cadence on the go, but as soon as stopping for a brief second melancolic tiredness arise and still guessing when all these sleppyness will be long gone. If ever. 

It is a constant battle in mind to sleep half an hour more or get on the road in dark and cold. Love the running though, miss even more, but a good sleep sometimes I love too, perhaps because of missing on it lately. Crew runs are less and less, still on a weekly basis but phonecalls fortunately still on with the individuals as usual. Pleasent to share something common while being friends too. But than again when it comes to opinion exchange sometimes it just pops out how we differ in normal life. How we would never ever talked if there was no running in our lives. Even with some we could actually share so many common things other than running. But there are pleasent surprises too. Runners to turn out ok as well. Or friends dissappeared just reappear. Tim too. Although she only drinks cherry juice instead of wine. 

Gotta be back on track gotta be back on the neverending road. I miss my solo runs. But first gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Work, move, run. And keep going…


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