Routine vs the moment

Measure the happy to the regular. Whiners caught in the low like me should stop and recognize the moment. The non-whining ones. In order to… 

That’s what whiners have no idea about: in order to what. Caught in the moment of pureness of being. Simple as that. Leading to measuring the happy to the regular. 

Don’t whine on routines and go against the tidal waves. 

I go against the tidal waves and I’m proud of it. That does not make me a whiner though but sorta. Cause if I rather stop and recognize that than and there is/was the moment that made the moment/minute/hour/day even than probably the whining could decrease. Or increase when the moment is gone. Which probably is the case when not realizing the moment as well. This leads to nowhere. 

But moments can. And running can lead to moments. Should I just finally get my ass off the officechair and just go for a run. #winterthoughts of a whiner.

Week been hectic, or only an excuse not to run. How awesome september-october-and part of november felt, weekend race lead to tiredness or only an excuse to feel tired. Although I run usually to beat tiredness. Now I munch on oreo and excuses and just skip the runs. Even the low heartrate fun-type ones and also the tempos too. #coldweatherthougts.

And that is when I realize that even the sunny moments of running weren’t recognized properly in order to give the power and wellbeing to get-the-duck-out to run because it makes the cold become sunny. Such a whiner.

Pardon my french, this week is being a mess and heck, so I call it a rest-week.

Next week will be different. At least I’ve had realized -even as a whiner – to move. 

Essential thoughts of me now over and out.

I will be too. Over of selfdestructive blabla whining and out to run. Salute and welcome my own willpower I’ll strive to own back. 

December here I come AF!


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