B, it’s me.

B me.

B you.

Since it’s still november I spent exactly 30 minutes to find excuses for not going for a run in the changing room of the Nike store. Had not tried any running related garments on but instead a so called winter-coat which in fact price-wise should have been one though it was more like a hoodie. But B me style me I can go with the cold stylewise. Loyalty B me. But I’m cold, that is my excuse for not running that is my B style.

Put it back on the hanger and gave it to the helpful man assisting my never-so-sure-i-need it B me. He saw and probably understood my hesitance and said he will keep it under the counter ’til I make up my mind. So, B me style it also means I know how my night dreaming will go on from now. Just as my day dreaming. Hate being a customer-style B but I just love that tech fleece. 

But this is just the surface of B me. 

Hesitance, quite me inside and out however, nowadays consisting mainly of go or not go for a run. Ridicously superxtensively unsure, in fact so sure than less sure than guilt factor comes in and I still cannot go. For a run. Too cold. Too lazy. Too busy. Too lazy. Too too lazy…

Even this post is an excuse and not on point actually. Somehow I feel so calm and otherwise I’m just restless AF, as usual. Work gives the pleasure of no time and constant rescheduling but with no runtime tucked in, somehow it is just less important and although it is a constant battle with the mind, I son’t mind the skipped miles overall. Though I neither mind if I finally make it to go for the strides. Extremely unprofessional to do a weekdays week completely off than run the weekend days, both in fact running a half marathon uphill and on trail just because I wanna go and want the miles logged. Even the wind bothers me less. Be me style. Flattering though to be able to run 13 plus miles on the fly with short or  no notice to the body. 

Probably if the temperature would rise I would be more keen to but and feel more guilty for not running. However nowadays, when finally workhecticness is off I go for the bedlinens & make-me-feel-ok blankets and some hbo series for the sake of nowspecial warmness&calmness. B effect kinda:).


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