December is my movember


Cannot wait ’til tommorrow to begin to claim my #rightstomovement.

Living in some wonderland lately, feeling sorry not feeling sorry, but really sorrynotsorry. 

But enough is enough with the bullshit and I own my own run finally. December is my movember, life goes on with some hopes to recover the good and finally finish with 2016.

Smiling weirdly, cinic ironically, feeling confident. Finally. I see some desperate tries around me but I laugh it off, I see some confused emotions but I smile and hug and also I let it go. Smart I feel or at least wise. But finally I wanna run. This time and all time: my own pace my own strides. Because in the other hand you never run alone.

Photo from popular fb nametest bugger spam dingy I admit to try sometimes but never share even if perfectly reliable and perfectly analysing, though this one is kinda true I think, and perhaps well on point.

I think I must had gone totally crazy / survived annual winter/holiday depression / so ready to run after taking MIA. But can be all of the above and I’m so greatful for this anyways! Yiha for December!


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