Going against tides or wind. Out of comfortzone we are so proud when talking running. Running-wise. But than again we strive for comfort in life. 

Thunder, tornado, tidal-wave whatever you call it. We are all good to set up goals, running for PR-s being strong AF. Than we just fail life or more precisely feel to fail life -because how do we know anyways- by unable to choose from the usual to the uneypexted or vica-versa. We are keen to go beyond whatever our body we think is capable of and just ducking proud to hit the limits, exceed and finish with digits we post to social media for some well deserved likes. ‘Omg you are unbelievable strong, powerwomen’, etc. We never post success/struggle of life on the other hand, like important ones, but keep in our souls. Because that is just life and involves no numbers, no PRs, everyone has a life and its hurdles. We post a selfie instead, with filters on for a confident boost. There is no interest we think of a metaphoric wind coming against us, to overcome and keep on going into it, or rather hide. We seek for excuses in real life to take the easier – subjective way to ease mind – but in running we are so fvcking proud to go against our on willpower.

I like to post about running-related struggles, I sometimes post massive PRs. None of others business either, its just me I challenge and succeed or not. Never post on dinners gone menace or feel extremely calm and relaxed, though true: others do. Sometimes I write blurry relating to real life struggles but never on point and sharp on the topic, just a mention here and there. Nor post about being extremely happy full with unrealistic yet real joy of the moment.

We tend to be afraid of not knowing or controlling future therefore stick with the conventional or go against the tidal waves, but we are also afraid the whatifs, the possible chances we miss out on possibly, though when we race we always go for the best and seemingly impossible. Wonder if we took life as a race anything would change in the mindgame.

Turning sick to face the facts, but closing the eye and brain and sometimes the heart too to accept or at least acknowledge those. 

This is probably why running is so enjoyable. You go you run, you feel the power, and post you congratulate yourself. Vs. real life there are too many options, too many outside whispers to constantly doubt our own decisions even before deciding. But I guess that is also a decision to listen to that instead of our own voice. Own heart. Rational as possible -we believe. 

But how rational is to start strong on a race even when feeling worn out just to finish with a massive personal best you would think you are not capable of.


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