Runway no-way but yes AF

I’m pretty bad keeping my mouth shut, keeping my words on the decent level, in out loud as well in writings. I swear. A lot. In fact, always. Not the intellectual snobby way, but yes maybe. Don’t give a shijt really. Style2talk.

So, mornings at -4 at 6am fvck it I need some more sleep. Last month been that. But today. Was -5. So I got myself to the chair where I’ve put my running gear the last time about a ducking decade ago, and killing me softly I dressed up rapidly. Give me a break on the loads of layers, putting the cool AF Gyakusou new cap on cause I fvcking lost my absolutely favorite one in Berlin, fvck me, I wish I could say I gave no shit losing it, but cest la ducking vie, I ain’t no thing person to cry on missing one, though I dropped a tear and swore pretty loud at the Olympic Stadium. My good luck hat fvck me, but I had a better good luck tights that time, and just wanted to feel calm and easy, so really compare to how utterly shitty I could feel I took it as calm AF as could. 

Back to -5. And back to layers. Putting the mothafvcka new season hat on, and than the hoodie over it, and like a whole jar of echte japaneese muji ultrarich face cream so if my face froze, at least should be moisterized.  I put on the warmest of the warmest running coat ownwd by the Pro, ran by me, yeah you biatch a shield one, got me all cosy warmed up. NOT.

Cold really hit me, 10k and uphill not so much. Cest la fvcking vie, I still can run.

And by 8:45 I was under the shower,  and the hot water just really felt great. After a while. Just as the run. It felt great after. 

Gotta go tomofuckingrow again, it really makes a difference my friend. 

Moving is cool. And running is the new black. Or still black.


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