Duck 2016

It’s the 31st, I’m over with a hearwarming hiking in -7 an massive run @ 4:30 on the treadmill probably make the staff worried of my total insanness so loud I had to listen to music so at least I don’t hear my own steps so loud. Post sauna and a flute glass here and there made me dance in the room just to totally miss my executive benefits of eating bluecheese and more champagne on the 12th floor duck my ladyness big time. So I munch on some mozart kugeln instead just to avoid stepping out of the major fireworks town I can’t stand that so I rather refuel on some more bubbles instead.

How 2016 was and still is is a huge ducking Q, runningwise disasterous followed by some believe-in-me feeling leading to PBs but does it really count? Like makes a difference at all, chrono-wise I don’t care but getting the power I do care. 

There is no looking back. Not in the mood anyways.

2016 sucked, but. And there is the but. 2017 wise will be a synonim I wish, I advise. Wish I was wise enough to do so.

I rather keep being rad and smile when I dare to and receive and realize the good things around me. 

Rad into 2017 finally. And don’t dissapoint.


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