Facing 2017 and other things

Never been a planner when it came to running races, the more the better the laster minute the easier, no prepping to raise anxiety.

Previous running years I still managed to open the with already something to train for. So far, 2017 is something of a reminder that no races had been registered for  and strangely enough I miss having some events to prepare for. However, I train – and I happen to sit on trains as well – on wind cold and snow. I know myself I will sign up for some events no doubt.

I also happened to get interested and hearted in cheering – and while zombied out on the train trying to understand my feelings and my thinkings, perhaps in a kontra manner I realize I have more races I have in mind as a supporter than I actually have any run events to run. 

I’m not yet satisfied with my current marathon chrono, in fact I seriously want to improve this year, the cycle all of a sudden stopped when races stopped last year. Enjoying some real runner’s real intervalls it somehow hit me to feel the urge to be part of a crew where IG posts and updates matter not, nor NRC apps are used, only the good o’ running practice is the same. Same same but different. Like I’ve been there and though done that not, I could smell the feel, and I cannot believe I actually not only felt nostalgic but actual willingness to get my ass kicked by a serious coach with experiment. A little discipline I felt, but the willingness and willpower formed. In mind. And in heart possibly. Because legs can’t agree less with my idea of gone running. 

So I guess no goals as actual races were formed while on the train lone with my thoughts but a pretty big challenge to finally agree with my own PB I wish to see next to my name finally.

Pro helps with the mind work, all I gotta do is not to fight back with excuses. 

2017 hello.


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