The power of social todos. You just cannot turn down a run with 100+ people, -10 who cares, it is a must. I could find so so many excuses to skip annual yours truly run, but than again I could not find any other than the usual guilt. But if I didn’t go I still would have the guilt anyways, so I took like a neverending uberhot shower and put on my running gear. And some more over it. And just to be sure another layer, non running ones, and than came my coat just for the way to the startline. No more options nor layers Michelin I was at that point and still cold. Contstantly cold anyways why bother to try.

Was cold couple of year ago when Putin was last here. Remember, I went to the tuesday’s early morning usual, I knew I would runat around 5-5:10, and I did run so, and realized that it is probably better to run back to my car after one lap instead of running the usual 2, cause traffic would be locked down for the big guy. And somehow some others felt the same way. Was so funny to finally realize driving home – because I thought it would be faszter – that it took exactly the same time for this other to run home as me driving home. Crossed ways and we kept going pur own ways. Still go. Ans now Putin will be back. And I’m just as cold as I used to at his last visit. Putin thing came into mind just to realize I still have a thing with running. Possibly the only thing I’ve not yet had given up on. Or only for brief times. But since 2014 it is so continous, and it just feels ok somehow. 

My third year of rerunning’s longest and coldest run was done on sunday. Wishing for summer all the way, though almost killed the guy running in a Bali Marathon shirt front of me. Fortunately not long after my eyebrows froze and my eyesight got all blurred, oh and I also passed him. That gave me confidence and took all my confidence on the other hand lost all in thoughts. How will I finally get the flow and start my marathon prep? 

I’m so ready to take action, even in mind as long as it is time to start. -10 doesn’t help, that is a definite verdict. I’m so ready to take action, challenge especially when it isn’t only about me is such a plus for my state of mind, there is no way to mark it up to change it to slightly easier to achieve. I’m so ready cause it’s something I approved on. And I’m so ready while it feels so out of pace challenge it could be a goal even. Striving to do so makes me so effing restless and I can’t sit on my office chair calmly. I wish I make it for a challenge as well, to feel it is something I give power too. 

Otherwise I’m still fvcking cold all the time. And I hope when the weather realizes I have a race to run and finnaly turns to nice and sunny, I will be out there on the track all the time. Until than, yours truly. 

I did it.


I wanna do it!


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