It’s a really really simple marathon training plan. Only useful just a few of us, in fact customised to two. More in fact there is no sepcified plan just a goal. To achieve. Yeah. 

And because spring checked in today, only if temporary and only as a joke from weather mother to fool us around I skipped running. Instead took a bite of daugther’s massive goffri at Liberte we went for breakfast and stayed ’til lunch cause as said the gofri was massive, and the live music so awesome it just gave the vibe. But, that also along marathon training is part of the plan, the fuel plan. To eat, amd to eat good. To feel good. That’s something I’ve never ever was keen to look out for, but one being confident AF as myself to run this M a good one finally, one gotta do what it takes. And it takes planning in fooding too. Courage I also got. Probably the temporary sunshine that makes me so ready so ready, but I feel ready. 

And I also wanna be happy about it, wanna do it, and wanna remember it, like even telling my grandchildren my grand story, as higlights of my life. 

Along with cutting out some foodgroups of my not-so-diverse mealing system I also put some in. Like beet-root I lived on in August. Once worked must keep the habit. And start or continue yoga. And start steching. Finally. 

It seems simple. 

For anyone except me.

But such a strong goal I must be strong too. 

Dream come true effort begins. Not tommorrow, but today.


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