Work in progress

Given goal is one thing maintain its road is another. Extreme winter for cold hearts if anyone has it and cold body. Though my warm heart makes cold fingers more cold. Shiverring occur both good and bad. Weather-wise it’s all bad. All other shiver is downsized to another level, and must stay away from. Want my spring back. No wind can stay I admit.

Managed to go high as 80k this week in order to finally START my effing marathontraining for the 45 with Dzsi really just around the corner. Make it even more challenging with extremes like still being cold at temperature 0-ish. But than again no pain no gain.

First lsd of February is also done finally, went with the Gourmet hoping for a slow pace for a long slow run, but he did pretty ok, even better than his marathon PB pace while I turned blue by not fueling any pre-run. Nor drink, and that was a bad idea. I train on no food mornings no news; like the empty stomach feel to kinda tease my mind to feel weightless in a way. No drink on the other hand just made it from flying to dying, but I still did it. Saw Dzsi too, running his way to our challenge, which is kinda calming, we have a road to run his dreams, I only help with the support.

But this support means a lot anyways and means serious work.

And work in progress.


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