Pic from Nanna

There is something extraordinary which makes me histerically cry and smile out loud. Nike did it again. And it is not an ad, and it’s not something because I’m too loyal really.

This is all about the people. The believers. Participants. The lookers and the watchers. And the pacers. In capital letters. PACERS.

They are human too I must guess. And as an evidence of the picture they dance too. They have fun. They can go beyond limits as well and they have fun too. Stressrelease. They did their job. Namelessly and awesomly.

Took the day with work and calming/in fact getting myself into vibes/ the stress with some videos of Kingchoge. Kip kip, I know. Watch him re in Rio, and some track races before he turned 20. His formed changed even more to perfection by saturday I don’t know how that is possible. I kept daydreaming on an elite brain, yes, bro’s mindwork as well, all the controll they take on for a run possibly real life. Awesome discipline and again I cried. I’m so far.

And the next day? They dance the stress and controll away. Wonder how these pacers took the responsibility or the driver of the Tesla. Watching track meets on youtube there were some useless pacers regard of their times really running so far away for Mo for example. But breaking2 ones, even though their names were written but perhaps noone can really recall any, they did have their breaking too. How serious they were and how happy they seem here.

I need a race, I need something to run seriously than let lose. 

I really admire these people and their success of all the hard work put in, and by having a major support behind him, Kipchoge’s calmness in terms of his loved ones believing him. I think it’s something so unique meanwhile so natural. To some. And that is the whole picture breaking down to the basics. Strive for it, so much, his mimics or none mimics, his really lose and calm face gestures, he must had suffered, but his face was so relaxed, almost all the way. Mesmerizing to watch really. 

When I prepped for labor, probably my most intense marathon ever I was told to let my face relaxed, I could not. Wish I could. Wonder how it affected my daughter’s birth.

I try to relax my face while running. And when I feel my face is in the good way, that is when I’m in the flow, vibing through a race, even a run. Face the race, makes sense. That reminds me in some face I could never get out of my head, ever. Real gestures, nothing compared to Eliud’s calmness, different kind of approach, still olympic worthy though. Race and real life wise too.  But Kipchoge has something different. He must be an awesome runner leg-wise, but his mindgame is the most we amateurs could if anything to study and learn and copy. Paste here: breaking3 is my breaking2.

There is no finishline. And simultaneously  I dream on the days support gave me power to calm myself to enjoyment. Remembering the days makes me smile, and I felt some love on today’s solo run. Unique yet it was so natural some days. And I miss it. But there is no finishline. 

Goals still on and my goals my runs. 


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