Expect the unexpected

It’s that time of the year again. Ultrabalaton.

I’ve done it 3 times, not a biggie, since it’s on for 10 years now. Omg, since 2007. 

And it’s basically was never done by me alone so doesn’t count as an ultra anyways. Salute to the individuals trying and finishing the race of 220km around Europe’s biggest race alone. Wow. Hats down and hands up. And farewell cheers to newcomers this year especially the ultratrailboy, considering it’s asphalt, I totally look forward having a cheer on him, or as he says please gently tap my back when passing. He will do good, he will be thought along the way to be a hero!

So, I’ve done it 3 times. Once as a 10 peeps group of Nike team, considering my breakthrough to running community and my so called presence in Budapest running scene. So called markstone no1 of my runlife. Next year we went with the bff-to-be M supported by the ultratrail boy – he still hates this name if his- and was a huge succes coming in 5th at the boy division but who cares cause we ducking ran 110km each, we thought we were like moddafukkers, that was and is something to be proud AF. Next year we repeated out of memory, coming in fourth, still happy, but kinda routine. I thought, he thought it was enougj for numerous reasons, there is no such thing as running something so unordinary the second or more times. It becomes a routine and come all the responsibilities and pb willings before the proudness. 

I was asked to go as a women team this year. Being a liberal and genderfree acceptionally, I didn’t really care but in the other hand I was ok with the thought to realistically finally race on the UB and not feel the undergrading to not be counted as a real perosnality but to put into a category where I might slow down my partner by being a women. Not that it occured, but in fact I will race a week after the UB with bro and another guy as a men team once again and  I will definitely slow them as they are fast, faster and fastest btw. Same with our summer challenge with Bro around another lake, the two of us in brother/sisterhoosld tiszato ultra. But that is another story, another enjoyment factor. 

So. Ultrabalaton, we trained for as a road to trio, 3 girls, loads a pressure cause it’s not only completing but competing in fact in a category I really belong to by birth. And more than competing with myself, though that is big chunk of the game as well. So I agreed and keenly awaited the race to finally occur.

There were differences in preparations but I took it as a girls’ thing. We decided to have gears customized. We decided to have some uniqueness in us. Lipstick perhaps, braids or something. We are women afterall. Whatever that means.

So we had our shirts and a week to go to go girlpower. And suddenlz everything just seem to fall apart…

Expect the unexpected.

Was in the calm state of mind in terms of the race. In fact that was the only certain thing in my life, going smoothly awaiting for the day. 

2 weeks prior I was finally told there is no option to bring a bike along with us even though I was seriously requesting a biker supporter for my night leg part as I ‘m scared around the neighborhood even daytime known for its notoriusly partiing partylife. Been there done that and was lightly sexually harrassed there before, was no biggie, but with almost 100k in my legs with no actual sleeping for over 20hrs I was tired enough to react normally. Anyways, bike was out. Optionally I’d managed to get a hand on a foldable one which definitely could fit in the van we were getting supported by for the race. Bike was back in the game.

Calmness remained.

For another 2 days or so, when my fellow voltwomen lady started to raise the red flag about her pain in the knee.

Another 2 days and several doctors later the verdict became obvious, that she is injured and although has no constant pain in her leg, when in hard work the pain could – and that’s a yes or no- come back and could cause major problem. 

Obviously we should stop at that point, normally, this on a regular basis means, she stand up and tells the rest of us teammates the issue and find a solution by finding a substitute. But she turned maniac she was willing to run, and getting anxious about jeopardizing the teamresult. We stayed calm with the other girl, keenly awaiting to have her decision made, but also got anxious how out race will go. The third girl never ran more than 40k at once, amd although this race divided by legs she still would need to run 70k total this time. I in the other hand am a senior in terms of having run this race as duo, so I had experience. But no training this season, and even though 86k is significantly less than last year’s 120, my logged miles in the winter suggested I’m not prepared for this one either. Kamikaze is my mantra for the race.

2 days went by with agonizing calling possible candidates 4 days before the race whether they would join us and run 80-ish km-s with us. Gotta tell, not easy to find anyone having the time and the legs to do this, but we still found some crazy ladies junping on the idea.

The only problem was, that injured Mini still had not and in fact has not made up her mind. So we put the ladies on hold running out of time in reality. Totally understanding Mini’s point of view, she amd perhaps us would rather do this together. But we were running out of time. Constant phone conversations and chats turning me into a psychologist once again, by wednesday night I realized this is BS.

We are jeopardizing our team by going too emotional on this. Thos thought didn’t come easy but life made it clear by that time. 

Our driver and in this case our van seemed going away as well. Driver got sick, but he would not lend the van.

This was the point I considered to look for hidden cameras around myself, seriously this started to become a well scripted realoty show for me. 

And I bursted out. We need to be as team and stop whining. We are volt we are women and we will race. If it’s a duo than a duo but we gotta do it.

By this morning, 2 days prior the race we found a supergirl being pur third leg. We still don’t know whether we willbe supported by a van or a renault clio. Still don’t know about the bike, but I rather give up on that, and have no idea if the van won’t come where would we be sleeping beforethe start line.

I believe that so many q-s will be answered and the race will be awesome, but this tapering is not my favorite. Especially cause this year all my race preps seem so out of comfortzone and hectic that I start to think 2017 is about not be able to taper for any race of mine.

I’d love to be anxious excited about the run itself finally, but I guess I won’t have time for it anyways. Plans change by the hour, and probably the best would be to be already feel nervous at the start line.

Two days to go.


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