Summer. So much I was waiting for and there it is here and now. It’s summer dress and splitwise shorts time already but I just seem to keep waiting on the summer.

However it might have had arrived yesterday. Early enough to not already sweating by the warm up I ran after a sleepless night to the merting point of the session. I couldn’t sleep perhaps because it is already one of those summernights when the air just stops at 24 degrees and it’s just not cold enough to go to sleep. Instead flashbacking those supercild winter nights when was paralized under my sheets being so freezed. It wasn’t good but it was really good. I finally found myself asleep at 4, only to wake up to the alarm I accidentally set an hour before it was necessary. That gave me the chance to take the warmup really slow, I knew I won’t have to rush to make it on point.

It was a progress speed workout planned. For the others. I told already I would only run the 3k with them and just do my own thing instead of the following 2 and 1 k.

Chosing the fast track of the island’s running routes another flashback came from almost a year ago, the last time I ran the road -exclusively reserved for public transportation buses and pro-s, and well, we did run there as well so to avoid the passing and slaloming the casual runners on the running path- , it was another progress run with coach 3x2k increasing speed and I just hated it, so much I kept screaming and whining all the way while he pushed me through the struggle encouraging me while running easily about 3 meters front of me. 

We started. Way too fast just to realize that is why I stopped running with these guys, they go alfa machos when it comes to intervalls. I let them go -they starting at 3:30, me at 3:50, way too fast still-, but around 1 k they hit their wall and I caught up with them.

Wow, I still enjoyed at 2k, in fact I felt some power coming into my body. Seriously surprised, I passed coach at 2,5 and finished easy, no heavy breathing, thighs still not burned. Really? I thought I should just do the rest. I mean 2k is challenging, and in fact faster, but after that only a 1k left. I decided to go 2k at a relatively fast pace but don’t think of the progress, that just makes me anxious.

I passed coach at 500 asked him if he was ok, but he was not, he said he lost the mind game but I should keep going. While I started to feel the thighs finally and my breathing got heavier too I realized it was probably me why coach gave up. I usually or more precisely never ever beat him on any speed sessions, nor could I keep up with anyone in fact. Because I’m just not willing to. I keep myself to push on races instead of workouts, but I also believe I can’t be faster than them anyways. Though I usually go faster than them on races. I passed another one. Than 2k was over. This one I felt, was harder, but only 1 k to go. 

And that went at 3:50, which isn’t a big deal, just a year ago I ran many 10×1000 in better pace, but that I felt proud of. Especially cause previously I ran a tempo 3 and 2 k which I never ever do, well tried but always managed to give up. 

Coold down my legs were supertired. But I did it. 

What a difference a run makes. 

I’m so glad summer arrived.

And today, with the faster ones we did a recovery type of 10k, some speeded some less speeded. We went at 4:30 average, and I really thought I speeded like hell, amd went menace. Was proud again. 

What difference another run makes. With no flashbacks this time. Or maybe some daydreaming on thw way along. I’m so glad we can go the fast lane finally again on the island, with no hiccups -twisting the ankles due to the asphalt’s fault. 

After an hour I met R, for a slow lap.

That was hard, it was really slow, but my legs probably needed some cool down anyways.

But that run was needed too. Because she is finally back in town! 

What a difference being in the same timezone makes.


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