It took me about a hundres years and not yet done with it…

We live in a world that encourages to feel good with ourselves. We get the quotes daily, the inspiration secondly or at least everytime getting on facebook or instagram.

See bodies we envy, look at pictures we just wish to be, perfectly shaped shapes, beautifully built bodies. And we go and do the same, run, plank, starve, burpee repeat. And still so far we envy. Not in specific order, and yes we are also told by the social media that it is ok to cheat. Cheat on an ice cream, a donut, in fact, we can have a huge pizza and feel no guilt further more pretend to be Karlie Klosses or any VS model you name. So we do that too, cause what not, it’s also motivational. 


Genetics. And self-esteem.

It took me a great deal of time to take off my shirt to run in runbra at 33 celsius and still had thought was heatshocked to do so. Why can’t I be happy with the body I own. Got no choice anyways. But to accept.

Being for a while on the olympian diet I call – latenight snacking on milka or homemade poppyseed cookies I love(d) and being a couchpotatoe I also loved with love – I couldn’t face the mirror for some time. Summer came, but summer body never arrived I got no confidence to go show-off with any less shirtless. 

I’ve been running for probably alltogether at least 15 years, for fun, but not in one time I dared to go runderwear proud and casual. I’d and have always felt awkward. 

But why o why? 


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