Speed work

Blast from the past and a wall to collapse. Long story cut short/fast.

I know for quite a few it’s no biggie go under 4min per K. And some I know it’s like a big dream, or something so ufo-ish. 

Well. It’s no biggie really.

And well, it’s a huge biggie really.

I ran 2:12 any given time on 800m when I was 17-that’s part of the story.

In 2015 I remember the exact day I went careless and all-smiles to the trail in the morning with the trail-boy. He wanted to impress and I thought was game. Up and down with no falls. Followed by a coffee and some work I felt restless and went to the fast lane of asphalt some hours later again with the trailboy. He needed a back challenge, I passed the trail test – or so I thought – he wanted to show off on asphalt too. Intervalls. The word so daring and fearing, never faced such since my restart of running of 2014. Had no clue on pace or lactate or anything less academic sound. Only 3×1000 he said, at 4min pace.

I started out of memory. Go hard, kill yourself kinda restless way. I ran 10k-s on a daily basis those days between 4:10-5 min pace, had no idea how hard I pushed anyways, had no watch, only my legs, amd my restlessness. Around 500 hundred I felt my legs go paralyzed, my thighs become like heavy elephant legs, but I could not let him win. We did a 3:55. I was dead. Casually told him I’m finished, little I knew I had finished with speed work for another year. I wanna enjoy running not die I said. And jogged the rest while he did his workout. 

Fastforward to 2017 midsummer night. 30k, 3 girls, 30 laps. 10x 1000m for each of us. And miracle happens really. Woke up that day  at 5:30 in the morning rushing to nrc running session as a work: 3x1000m at 4:20 with the squad, I thought well, this is me, even as a pacer, can’t do better nowadays, though I should pace at 4:30. Afternoon when the wind blew my mind I showed up to this evening fun race we originally took as a practice of intervalls and told my lovely lady mates my intention to actually dns the whole fun. But we are team I remembered and shot the fvck up  instead lined up to start.

Had no idea if I could make it, but eased myself saying I go for 5x, because I promised Cse we would run this together, he in Sopron, me in Buda running Pest. Live feeding.

There was this other team we went head in head. Flattered I always got the opportunity to catch the girl front of me and pass, the next two rounds they usually got back the lead, and again I had to chase back our first position. I ran hard. I ran my first 1000 at 3:50, and I knew this will kill me. Next I ran 3:48, for fvck sake I won’t make it to the end I thought there is 8 more rounds to go. 3rd 1k was 3:47, and I started to feel fear and so pissed, I can’t do this chasing forever. By my 4th round I got so pissed I ran a 3:44, and while I wanted to die all I could think of is a mix of Alexi+the speedy lady + the bro. Gosh, they are fast and I struggle I thought. But this time as it seemed I got such a gap between us on the 5th I finally started and finished on front as well, my mates probably just got as pissed as I was to run so fast. Discipline, courage and power- words I wish were part of the game but I just wanted to finish with my 10th and rest after. I ran 3:50-s and even a 3:55 for the 8th round, but guess what. 


Went under 4min for all 10 repetition. And I know this couldn’t happen on an average intervall cause I’m such a spoiled whiner little thing, and without the other girl team, who I must honestly congratulate and thank for showing me the ability of my own boundaries to go over the edge when really needed. 

Guess what! I’m so proud AF of myself. Finally. Miracles happen. 


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