Budapest half and a try

Gosh, I’m just unable to focus. Or not willing anyways. I’d decided to let it go two days before the race really. And gosh I had big time. Saturday was all about holding back because I have a race next day. Excuse not to losen up too much on the diner en blanc. Eh, up until 7:20, where we all got the moets out and it was gone in minutes. Guys could get hold of some cheap wine, and then and there I knew it was all up to fullfill all my commitments on taking nationals with zero discipline. I have life afterall, and I’m no runner. In these terms at least. I’m not a runner on a Saturday night having fun finally. 

And who is not a runner on a Saturday should not be a runner on Sunday race either. 

Gosh, the next day I carefully stepped up went into the kitchen for a coffee, but suddenly a flashback came due to the fact that there was an enormous sized ice bucket on the counter. Moet of course. I came home holding onto the bucket, and I remembered giving the leftover winebottles to the homeless sleeping on the street, at least he should have fun too. Throwing the remain of the ice into the river. 

Lost in thoughts I pressed myself to go mindfull and focus on the future and not the past as of last night. 

Lessgo I said to myself trying to act normal and well prepared. Press on the word try. 

Never ever do this at home kinda post it is. Respect the fvcking race I keep telling myself every hour every minute. 

We got third as a team as a duo btw. Shame on me. I ran 4:04 pace on 12k, and the rest 9, I’d jogged. Shame shame shame on me.

Best regards!


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