‘Go write your message on the pavement’

My daughter gets a sticker at school instead of grades, saying well done, congrats and so on. 

Wednesday when picked her up, already done my school run- aka run around the school before doing the schoolrun- she as usual had her sticker in hand proudly presented. She went heureka, hold up my striped longsleeves and put it on my stomach. For a brief moment I thought of having an artificial object glued to my skin would cause some ithchyness but next thing I remebered is I completely forgot about it. 

Next morning with a strong urge to go run I quickly grabbed my run attire just to realize it’s raining and the wind was unbearable even to normal humans not only to me the windfreak, quick change of plans I took a shower just to not feel so cold, and than and there I saw the sticker. Excellent was written on it, on my stomach on my body. Not that it gave me a push to go run immediately, and only a slight feel of guilt coming the quick reminder to finally write the peace about body image to voltwomen. 

Excellent- it made me smile and go to the gym, with my winter run attire, therefore sweating was such a detox, lost at least two pounds. Until drank some water after.

I can’t imagine little minds purposfully act the way to how to cheer up and motivate an adult nihil, but that really worked; daughter just made da point. Took the streching class after and some body sculpt today, sauna noth days, so a definite muscle pain will be checking in tomorrow for a practice race of half marathon. I chose to race to not feel superlow about skipping Berlin and a possible experience on breaking 2 this year. I keep rewind and rewatch the Monza race over and over again by the way. It isn’t like I cannot change the end of it, but I still get the same goosepumps reexperimenting the whole footage and a paralel history that is probably milestone for so many runner souls. Berlin I hope for an enormous bash of fastness and a message on the pavement. Message of success and the overcome limits of humanity.

Meanwhile I keep my body and live up to its excellence. #breakingmybarriers


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